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Hurricane Josephine Threatens Coastal Savannah: Servants of the Storm

July 16, 2014- National Weather Center

Meteorologists are continuing to see northern movement in Tropical Storm Josephine just off the coast of Florida. Wind speeds have picked up considerably overnight and we are now issuing a hurricane warning. Residents of Savannah, Georgia are urged to begin preparation for severe storms. Coastal residents should have an evacuation plan before any warning is officially issued.

  • Gather emergency supplies, including food, water, protective clothing, important documents, maps and batteries.
  • Listen to local authorities via radio or television. Keep a battery operated or hand-crank radio in case of power outages.
  • If forced to weather the storm, please seek shelter in secure buildings and stay as far away from windows as possible.
  • Lulls often signal the eye of the storm, not the end. Wait for authorities to pronounce the area safe before attempting to leave.

While hurricane tracking has improved, there is no accurately way of knowing when the hurrican may hit. The projected date is August 5th. We urge you to form evacuation plans as soon as possible. Hurricanes cause 10% of all weather-related fatalities, and Josephine looks like she’s ready for a fight. For further information on Hurricane Josephine, consult Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson.


Delilah S. Dawson’s YA debut, Servants of the Storm, hits shelves August 5th. Dovey lost her best friend Carly in the aftermath of Hurricane Josephine, and since spent her days in a medicated numbness. Until she sees Carly at their favorite cafe. She drops the meds, and the world that opens before is like nothing she’d ever imagined.

As Dovey slips deeper into the shadowy corners of Savannah — where the dark and horrifying secrets lurk — she learns that the storm that destroyed her city and stole her friend was much more than a force of nature. And now the sinister beings truly responsible are out to finish what they started.

While you’re working on evacuation plans, you can pre-order a copy of Servants of the Storm from any of your favorite indie book sellers, Barnes and Noble.com, or Amazon.com.

In addition to having a hurricane arrive at your doorstep, you can email Delilah your information at whismydark@gmail.com, and she’ll send you a signed book-plate.

For those of you who are Georgia residents, Delilah is throwing a launch party August 8th at FoxTale Book Shoppe in Roswell. BBQ, delicious cake and fox-eared demons will be provided.


Delilah S. Dawson is a writer, a geek, an artist, an adventure junky, and a coffee and cupcake connoisseur. She writes books for young adults and mostly-adults that range from whimsical to dark to sexy to horrific to adventuresome. She can occasionally be NSFW, but when she is, it’s usually because she’s ranting about writing or sexism or talking honestly about her experiences with rape, depression, and suicide.

Delilah loves having adventures, playing on the trapeze, horseback riding, seeing superhero movies, going to cons, traveling, reading, tacos, the ocean, pretty boots, eating weird animals, tattoos, vests, cosplay, The Cure, painting, narwhals, octopodes, crows, cheese, drinks made with elderflower, dark chocolate, cold sheets, Boyd Crowder, and shows like Justified, Firefly, Venture Bros., Community, Adventure Time, Arrested Development, TWD, and Frisky Dingo. Please geek out with her on Twitter for full SQUEE.

She is also an Associate Editor at Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech and can teach you to wear a baby on your back so you can pretend to be Luke Skywalker toting Yoda.

You can find her website at WhimsyDark.com, like her on Facebook,  and follow her on Twitter @DelilahSDawson.


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