Upcoming Events:

  • AwesomeCon: June 16-18

Past Events:

  • AnachroCon 2017
  • DragonCon 2016
  • AnachroCon 2016: Spiritualism and Horror: Connections; Horror Television: Penny Dreadful, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural; Ghost Story Readings/Tellings; Crimson Peak and the Gothic Horror Romance; Stoker and Poe: Influences on Contemporary Fiction; Magic, Miracles, and Medicine: Healing and Experimentation in Alternate History; Diversity in the Weird West; Research in Alternate History; Character and Costuming.
  • AnachroCon 2015: RocoPunk; Exploring Gender in Alternate History; Uses of History: Historical Fiction, Historical Fantasy, and Alternate History; Regency Magic; So You Want to Write an Alternate History; Meanwhile, in the Rest of the World: Non-British, Non-American Settings and Characters; What’s Up in Steampunk; Exploring Race and Ethnicity in Alternate History.
  • World Horror Con 2015: Horror in the Headlines: Current Events in Horror Writing; Stabbing Through the Glass Ceiling: On Being a Woman in Horror

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