So I Tripped and Fell off the Face of the Earth…

Man, is this blog way overdue or what? Last time didn’t end on such a great note. I felt really down and useless, but the truth is, I didn’t stop writing. I finished Katherine Locke’s SECOND POSITION and her book helped me realize that the thing causing me to fall apart (writing) was the same thing holding me together. I couldn’t stop. Stopping was never an option.

So I revised a different book. By some miracle, I gained an amazing critique partner, and we swapped manuscripts. It was instant chemistry, and she made me feel 130% better about everything. I met my deadline, and as of right now, I’ve got a new query and synopsis ready for the terror that is querying. Again.

Most importantly, I learned something critical about myself.

I am not a contemporary writer. That’s not my voice. That’s why my first book didn’t go anywhere. It wasn’t a bad story, it’s not because I lack talent; I’m writing in the wrong era. New book? Victorian. It’s what I read most, it’s what I like most, and according to my past life regression experience, it’s where I lived once upon a time. To be honest, I’ve never read a lot of contemporary fiction, so why I thought that’d be the place to start is beyond me. But finding my voice was essential. Now that I’m starting a third book, same era, it’s worlds easier to move into the story. Going from my first book to my second was like pulling teeth. I found it nearly impossible to switch gears. Things are looking up. I have the support of my friends, a wonderful critique partner who sent me the most darling anatomical heart curio, and a book I believe will make it.

This weekend, I’m headed out to DragonCon, so if you want to come say hello, I’ll be around. I’m hoping to use it more like a writing weekend, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m behind on the podcast. I know. We’ll be back up and running shortly. September is just a mess of too many events, not enough brain power.

I need to pack, so I’ll see you all at DragonCon.


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