World Horror Con Schedule!

I am so delighted to be attending World Horror Con and the Bram Stoker Awards here in Atlanta next weekend at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis! Please stop in and say hello!

My Schedule:


9-10 AM Panel: TERRIFYING TROPES: Horror in the Headlines: Bringing the Real World Into Your Fiction – SARNATH
We see authors (Stephen King, for example) berated in social media for basing a story on a well-known recent serial killer. We see authors who rip off a fast book – not necessarily good – just to take advantage of a global event such as a typhoon, pandemic, etc. A good example is the book reported to be coming out from Permuted Press: ISIS and Ebola. Is this a good thing? Does it guarantee more publicity and sales? Does the writing suffer from moving so fast?

Moderator: J.G. Faherty. Panelists: Nickolas Cook, L. Andrew Cooper, Meghan Harker, Michael Huyck, Erinn L. Kemper, Erik Williams

2-3 PM  Panel: SCAREBIZ: Stabbing Through the Glass Ceiling: Advice for Women Writers Starting Out – R’LYEH
Women with years of experience in the field share their practical tips for new women writers. More women are writing horror to success, but are there still more barriers to getting published for women than men? What can beginning writers do to better navigate the often tough world of publishing.

Moderator: Linda Addison. Panelists: Kami Garcia, Meghan Harker, Lisa Morton, Melissa A. Singer, Lucy A. Snyder

Unfortunately, I can only be there Friday and Saturday.  If you’re looking for YA Horror, my dear friend Catherine Scully has put together a KILLER track for YA ROCKS. I’ll list the tracks below. I’m so thrilled to be attending and I hope I get see some of you there!



8-9 PM  Panel: YA ROCKS: Teen Voice: Reaching The Teen Audience – SARNATH

Young Adult Horror is more popular than ever – but how do you write it? How do you capture the teen voice for teen audiences? Join us to discover how to reach current teen readers.

Moderator: Jeff Strand. Panelists: Courtney Alameda, Jake Bible, John Dixon, Alethea Kontis, Jonathan Maberry


NOON-1 PM Panel: YA ROCKS: Teen Protagonists Vs. Books for Teens: What Makes Teen Horror for Teens – DUNWICH

If a book has a teen protagonist, does that mean it’s written for teen readers? What is the difference between books about teens and books for teens? Our panelists discuss what makes young adult books for young adults.

Moderator: Jonathan Maberry. Panelists: John Dixon, Christopher Golden, Tonya Hurley, James A. Moore, Peter Salomon, Catherine Scully


10-11 AM  Panel: YA ROCKS: Writing Horror for YA and Middle Grades: How Far Is Too Far With Your Scares? – SARNATH

So you want to write horror for kids and teens, but how far is too far with your scares? Is there a limit to what you can write for middle grade and young adult readers? Is there a limit to the kinds of monsters you can create? Our panelists discuss how to approach crafting horror for middle grade and young adult readers.

Moderator: Susan McCauley. Panelists: Kami Garcia, Tonya Hurley, Alethea Kontis, Peter Salomon, Catherine Scully, Tim Waggoner

11 AM-NOON Panel: YA ROCKS/SCAREBIZ: Horror As a Literacy Tool – R’LYEH

Kids love to read horror. Writers, librarians, and teachers discuss everything from Goosebumps to adult horror fiction, graphic novels, YA vs NA, how libraries can find more books *ie, small press!* to satisfy their readers, and how reading horror can help increase literacy levels in schools and communities.

Moderator: J.G. Faherty. Panelists: Courtney Alameda, Jake Bible, Lynne Hansen, Susan McCauley


9-10 AM  Panel: YA ROCKS: What’s Coming Up? Are Trends Important? – SARNATH

A lot of editors are interested in horror for the young adult market – is it a trend or is horror here to stay? Are certain stories – zombies, vampires, the supernatural – on their way out or should you write what you love and hope it sells? Join our panelists as they give insight to horror writing trends in the publishing industry.

Moderator: Courtney Alameda. Panelists: Jay and Katie Barber, Jake Bible, Alethea Kontis, James A. Moore


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