Vampire Girl’s Adventures in Disney

There’s nothing better than sleeping in your own bed after a week of sharing a hotel room with your mother and little sister. The Princess Tiana room at Port Orleans Riverside was actually pretty cool: allusions to other Disney films, a Little Mermaid-themed shower curtain, light-up headboard.



Little Sister had never been to Disney before, and in the wake of the divorce and our grandfather passing away, mom thought we could all use a break. I hadn’t been to Disney since I was ten, since I wasn’t sure what to expect. Disney has started this new “Magic Band” program, which is actually pretty cool. They send you a rubberized bracelet that acts as your payment card, room key, and allows you to access “Fast Passes” to certain rides.

You bet your ass my first request was The Haunted Mansion.


Parts of the park were under repair or reconstruction, but we hit up the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, the Mad Tea Party, Peter Pan, It’s (Unfortunately) A Small World, a couple of boat tours, blah blah blah. The coolest thing we did the first day was have lunch at the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Belle’s Castle.


It. Was. Gorgeous. Sadly, there was no library room. I think they really missed an opportunity there.

We tried the grey stuff. It's delicious.

We tried the grey stuff. It’s delicious.

Wednesday, we went to Epcot, which sucked. It was hotter than hell and there really aren’t many things to do other than walk around the World Showcase. We headed back to the hotel for an extended nap, followed by dinner at Planet Hollywood and Cirque du Soleil’s La NouBa show, which was AMAZING.

Thursday, we accidentally caused my sister to have a panic attack on the SpiderMan ride at Universal Studios. In our defense, we asked the lady if it was a rollercoaster and she said no, it was a flat track with a couple of car spins.

She wasn’t WRONG, but she neglected to mention the ILLUSIONS of rising and falling. Little Sister was pissed.

I thought it was a cool ride.

Since Universal is mostly rollercoasters, we didn’t do much more than walk around the park. We hit up Olivander’s in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I got a butterbeer, Moaning Myrtle haunted the bathroom, oh, and Ginny, Fred and George were there. I didn’t meet them, but I saw them.


At Universal Studios, I caught the Horror Makeup Show, Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue, and a magic show.


Lon Chaney’s makeup kit. I might have freaked out.


It was my very real fear that Chucky doll would animate and host the show. Thankfully, it didnt happen.

It was my very real fear that Chucky doll would animate and host the show. Thankfully, it didnt happen.

The Horror Makeup Show was hilarious. Having sat in the center front row, it was my treat to attempt to dislodge the stake from our host’s chest. I told them it was not advisable to remove the object of impalement, least he bleed to death.

They asked if I was a doctor.

I hemmed. “You… could… say that….”

Friday, we were back at Magic Kingdom (where I was once more in The Haunted Mansion), and we had high tea at the Grand Floridian Hotel, which is so wonderful. We had the Buckingham Tea, which consisted (for me) of a pot of Mad Tea Party tea, a selection of six finger sandwiches, a scone and strawberry tartlet, and a dessert. I got the English torte. I was delighted.


I rounded out our adventure by adding to my collection of Alice in Wonderland tea sets with four new cups, a tea-pot, and so much Wonderland tea I’ll be set for months.


I also used an entire bottle of sunblock and as a reward, have not suffered sunburn. It’s a freaking miracle. Sadly, it wasn’t the most relaxing vacation and we weren’t home five minutes before mom and Little Sister were at each other’s throats. I might need a vacation from this vacation.


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  1. You make want to go to Disney and Universal now!

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