Dreadlords and Sass


Well, no. I mean, it was live on Saturday, but now it’s Tuesday.

Saturday was the Inaugural Gaslamp Gala, hosted by The Artifice Club. True to my word that I would be less hermity this year, and with the promise of dance lessons, I threw together a costume. I don’t have any steampunk characters, so I decided to channel Annabelle McKittrick from my waiting-for-edits MS, The Mortality Vice.

Anna is the first female surgeon to enroll in the Medical College of New York, which means her dresses are simplistic (because blood ruins everything) and I don’t need to go crazy with the makeup. The most extravagant thing I did was pop on a set of false eyelashes.

Bj608ruIIAAhKjEI made the 1800 style walking skirt out of a thrifted prom dress and two curtains. The ruffled top I bought and expanded with panels from the curtains, and the white shirt and corset were purchased from Damsel in the Dress. I LOVE that corset, but since it’s brown and not black, I didn’t have an outfit for it. Now I do. The shoes I found the shoes a few years ago, at Target of all places.

Yes, the rest of my arm IS there, I’m just the shade of porcelain that reflects light.


My bathroom needs better lighting.

Since Anna wouldn’t actually have worn makeup, all I did was put on my usual foundation, some brown eyeliner (mostly to mask the band from the lashes), and a bright pink blush. I also used a pale pink lipstick and tiny bit of brown eyeshadow in the crease.


I picked Cat up and we headed to the Gala. Unfortunately, it was horrendously windy and overcast. There were a few vendors set up outside, one physically holding the tent so it wouldn’t blow over. Inside the Solarium, we grabbed a veggie burger and I think I surprised Cat with my enthusiasm for the event. I’m a terrible at talking to people in person, but give me a costume and it’s on.

We talked about why I liked Steampunk events and the inclusive nature of the community versus other, more “traditional” cosplay. I gushed about Anna and my time at the Jekyll and Hyde Club in NYC. We learned to swing dance, which was awesome, even though one of my partners bowed out. I ended up dancing with the instructor a turn.

I also learned that it was a terrible idea to dance in those shoes. Remind me to wear comfy ones at the next gala. Preferably not heels.

The live band, Megan Jean and the KFB, were awesome.

We headed back to Cat’s house for carrot cake and tea. Tiny Nephew was up and about. I’m telling you, that kid is a mutant genius baby. He was flicking through the photos on my phone and pointed to one picture and said “glasses,” totally unprompted. He’s almost 2. He knows more words than most of the people I work with.

One of his favorite things when I’m around is The Sassy Song, which I stole from YouTuber Grav3yardGirl. Saturday night, he finally said “sassy.” My life’s work is now complete. He’s also learned to say “Nightvale” and “Cthulhu,” though it comes out more like “hoo hoo,” which is significantly less dreadlordy.

Of course, all of this meant that once Tiny Nephew was in bed, Cat immediately went to tweet about Tiny Nephew’s new skills. Which I was also tweeting about. Which prompted this:


Skeletor sassy

And then we playedRockBand, which I am not good at.


I hope you guys had as great a weekend as I did. I hope you’re enjoying these “real life” posts as much as I am. I’m going on another ghost tour next Thursday. I hope I have something spooky for you. Now it’s back to the writing board.

Rock step, step, step. Rock step, step, step…


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