#WriterProblems: Google Search Edition

This morning I had a chat with Nicole Sciortino about writer problems and the things we have to research.

Fact: I often wonder what people think of me when they see me reading up on surgical procedures and poisons while sipping a chai latte in the middle of the coffee shop.

I’ve been less than stellar at blogging lately due to some family stuff, so I thought this would be a nice, light-hearted topic. Until I actually looked at my search history and realized all my fears were justified. In the last month, I’ve looked up:

  • How to remove a brain during autopsy
  • How open-heart surgery is performed
  • Aconite root
  • 19th century surgical tools
  • Ether bottles
  • What an ether high feels like
  • Post-mortem photography
  • Blood infections
  • Popular Victorian poisons
  • Cadaver prep and storage
  • How to exsanguinate a cadaver in the 1800s

I’ve also seen a collection of students at medical colleges in the 1800s, skeletons, bone saws, and reviews of Urban Decay’s Naked3 palette. According to Kristen Strassel, my Twitter feed is all “cremation and Starbucks.” An accurate assessment.

I do wonder what people who catch sight of my laptop think, not necessarily about me, but what random thought flies through their heads when I’ve got “Vivisection in 10 Easy Steps” sitting open on the screen. We all know we do it. A casual glance and you walk past, looking “at the clock” when you really want to know what was in that photo.

What crazy/creepy/out of the norm stuff is lurking in your search history?


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One response to “#WriterProblems: Google Search Edition

  1. Excellent! You’re working on some dark stuff over there, friend. I think I was researching sinkholes recently. That’s about as crazy as it gets for me during this first draft. Second draft? We may dig a bit deeper.

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