10 DAYS ‘TIL CHRISTMAS – ROMANTIC COMEDY: Cherry Pie by Meghan Schuler

Behold: A Romantic Comedy. No one is dead, demonically possessed, or a serial killer. Needless to say, writing this piece was a challenge.

the midnight type


People, today I bring you something truly special. Meghan Schuler – writer of horror and mystery – has created a ROM COM for your reading pleasure. A ROMANTIC COMEDY. AND THERE’S MUSIC. This, Meghan informs me, is the second song Emmy dances to.
(She hated me for this, by the way. You’re welcome.)

Cherry Pie
by Meghan Schuler
“You did what?” Livy asked, her mouth hanging open. I blushed and turned away, my face hot. I hated blushing. I always looked like a lobster and every time I thought I was over the blush, I’d just blush more.
She pushed my shoulder when I didn’t answer and I buried my face in my coffee.
“I don’t believe it. That’s so unlike you!”
“I wanted to surprise him,” I muttered, the coffee scorching my tongue. Great, so I’d look like a lobster…

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