Backing Away From the Ledge

I like to imagine that when I panic, I’m some sort of Byronic heroine, my hair whipped behind me by the cold wind, the cliff plummeting into the sea before me. Of course, I’m wearing some sort of fabulous dress.

In reality, it’s more like I stare sadly at my computer before foraging for chocolate.

This week has been difficult in unexpected ways. Now that I’ve recovered from Con, I can finally start getting back into routine. I finished the latest round of edits on my MS. I finished my short of Flash Friday over on Deadly Ever After (which goes up THIS FRIDAY.) I’m working on my next short for Dark Carnival over at Pen and Muse. The second MS and the Other Book are still being worked out. Querying looms upon the horizon.

I realized I do a lot in addition to The Day Job. And I’m about to add more. Coming off my recent VEDA debut, I’ve decided to attempt twice-monthly vlogs about writing. Why? Because it’s what I do. I recently updated my blog to include a page with FREE short stories. What? Free? Yes! Why? Why not! All you have to do is click the Short Stories link and you’ll be provided with some free reads. Cool, huh?

If you missed VEDA (Vlog Everyday in August), you can watch the playlist by clicking this link!

The next few months will be crazy! I’ve got some stuff planned for the newest installment of American Horror Story: Coven, and the approach of the Haunting Season in general is pretty awesome. October is my favorite month and Fall is my favorite time of year, which means I’ll be one happy ghost girl.

For now, it’s back to writing before rehearsal. Did I mention Art in the Square is next weekend? If you live near me, you should come see us perform! Everyone needs belly dancers in their lives.


I will update you guys Friday with the link to my newest short story. See you then!


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