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*queue piano riff*

I am partially recovered from DragonCon 2013, and I wish I could say it’d been a more exciting Con. I’m not sure if most of the staff’s energy went to dealing with certain unpleasantries involving a certain former CEO and that’s why the con suffered, but I sadly wasn’t thrilled with most of the programming this year.

There was nothing I was dying to see. Ok, Brian Brushwood’s magic show, but that was about it. I didn’t attend a lot of panels, but I did get in my usual seeing of friends I only see at DragonCon, going to a couple of readings, a surprisingly interesting panel on Puppetry and Evil, and of course prancing around in this year’s costume selection.

DragonCon may have also been slightly overshadowed by my forgetting some crucial costume pieces and one of the pieces I’d commissioned not arriving for the weekend. Miffed doesn’t really cover my upset.

Check in.

I give my name, the name my room is under, and take my key and my suitcase up the to my room. Now, the key read 966. I’d gotten a text earlier saying the room was 819. It’s possible they could have been wrong. I didn’t think anything of it. My roommates were down at Turner Field for the DragonCon Night Parade and costume show-off whatever. So I unlock the room door. It’s dark beyond. Great. I’ll get some quiet time before a weekend of being extremely social.

I’m not sure who was more surprised, me, or the pounchy old man reclining in his bathrobe when I opened the door. I muttered my apologized and ran back to the elevator.

When asked who’d helped me, I said it was the gentleman in the bloody scrubs.

I finally found MY room, free of old men in bathrobes and filled with Ginger Ale and fruit snacks. I set out my Alice costume, call my mom, relax. Roommates return. Lady Loki was a hit.

Friday:American McGee’s Alice.

I am destined to battle the Red Queen. The outcome is uncertain.

I am destined to battle the Red Queen. The outcome is uncertain.

Julie and I went to see George Takei. Funny guy. I enjoyed his panel, even though I’ve never seen Star Trek. What?

I hit up Delilah S. Dawson’s first panel on Pulp Fiction and got to see the beautiful ARC of her upcoming YA, Servants of the Storm. I popped into Writing for Anthologies, thought the attitude of the panelists was poor and instead went to my friend Kathryn’s reading. I was rewarded with chocolate covered pomegranates, poetry, tales of mermaids, and a sneak peek at a super secret project.

I met up with secret sister Cat and her husband Michael for the Ray Bradbury panel, which made me want to cry and watch The Halloween Tree and eat all the candy corn.

After dinner at Moe’s (which I still don’t 100% understand how to order from, but at least they have tofu), we hit up the Ghost in the Robot concert. You may recognize the lead singer as a certain former Buffyverse vampire.


I spent Friday night 20 feet from James Marsters. What did you do?

His band SLAYED (pun absolutely intended.) I really enjoyed his show. Total win.


Goblin Queen.

Glowering is apparently what I am best at.

Glowering is apparently what I am best at.

I was covered in so much spray glitter, it was sick. Also, that stuff is toxic. It’s terrible. I throw on all my regalia and head to the British Horror panel, Cat’s very first ever official panel.

There's Cat!

There’s Cat!

Turns out it was about British horror FILMS and NOT books, but Cat played it off well. I knew none of the answers to the questions and therefore provided silent moral support. I ditched the cape and headdress shortly after. It was just too hot.

I don’t really recall what I did after that. I headed to Leanna’s panel on Magic, Occult, and Fantasy in Alternate History. It was an interesting panel until the Angry White Man started on about insider secrets being spilled to Hollywood and put into films. I think he was a conspiracy theorist. The woman next to me and I were cracking up. I think her name was Teresa. She was cool. The panel handled it all very well. He came back with secondary comments on the psychological damage of studying things.

I’m not saying researching dark things should be taken lightly, but this guy was pretty extreme.

I got to say hello to Leanna afterward and chat for a bit. The AWM was behind me. I hope she survived.

I met back up with Cat and Michael for dinner and headed off for Brian Brushwood’s Bizarre Magic show. I’m a HUGE fan of his YouTube program Scam School (and several of his tricks feature in my books), and I was thrilled to get the chance to see him.

The room hit capacity 10 people ahead of me.

Luckily, though, they opened the doors to the room and we were given the chance to watch from the hall. It was a great show. I throughly enjoyed Mr. Happy Pants and I hope Brian does break into the world of children’s magic shows.



Cecilia, the genderbent voice of Night Vale Community Radio

Cecilia, the genderbent voice of Night Vale Community Radio.


And I didn’t hate it. Cat drew some kickass tattoos on my arms and I paraded around in the most comfortable costume of the weekend. I hadn’t left the hotel before someone shouted, “CECIL!” and snapped my photo.

I headed to Leanna’s reading, where she read (and acted) her short, “Charged,” from Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells. Moseley is now one of my favorite characters. I love him almost as much as I love Nathaniel Veil.

After her reading, several of us grabbed some lunch. It was nice to spend some down time in a group. I met A. L. Davroe, who’s pretty awesome, and got trapped in the skybridge with her. I missed Susan Dennard’s reading, so I met her at her signing. She’s also pretty awesome. I forgot my book, which I’d intended to have her sign.

I wandered around Comic Alley and pined over Brian Kesinger’s Labyrinth prints. I went back to the room and cooled off. There was a Welcome to Night Vale meetup at 7, so I popped in for that.

The Dog Park will not harm you.

The Dog Park will not harm you.

Just saying: Tea-infused marshmallows. Whoever made those: Girl, you rock.

Cat, Michael and I then headed to the Mechanical Masquerade, which BY FAR the best part of the whole weekend. Doctor Q is a killer DJ and the bands he’d lined up were amazing. The whole ball had a real 1920’s swing/jazz theme going on and it. was. perfect. I wore my Goblin Queen ballgown in all its mercurial glory. I even danced with boys. Be proud, internet. I danced with boys.

We even did the Time Warp. Duh, it was a steampunk ball. Of COURSE there would be time travel. I danced until 1 in the morning and headed back to collapse. That was probably the best shower of my life (and I’m still washing glitter out of my hair, by the way.)

Delilah and I forgot to shave before the Masquerade.

Delilah and I forgot to shave before the Masquerade.


Monday. I packed my suitcase, turned in my room key, and headed to a panel on Puppetry and Evil, which was actually really interesting. I met Crystal (Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands) and told her how much I enjoyed her music at the Masquerade. She’s super sweet, and I took home both of her CDs. “Toy Hammer” is by far my favorite song.

I met with Cat and Michael again and hit up the Dealer’s Hall, which was a freaking maze and basically impossible to navigate. I bought a print from Echo, Cat got gummy Iron Man earrings, and I fell in love with a print by Stephanie Law. I could not get the print as she was not at her table at the time. Someone handed us a giant Cthulhu plushie and told us we had to hug it. Cat squealed, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” She did not die. The Dread Lord accepted his squishes and let us go.

Then it was homeward.

My lack of Con Hangover clearly indicates that the con itself was the best con, but I did have a great time with my friends and my new friends. Now it’s all post-con laundry, sleep recovery, and getting back to working.

I’ve got a short story coming out next week, another coming out in October, as well as Crossroads Writer’s Conference to prepare for. Until next year, DragonCon.


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