Dead on Your Feet

Tomorrow begins the DragonCon adventure.

My costumes are finished. My Nutella is purchased. I have yet to pack, as usual.

I’ve worked eight days in a row. I am exhausted. Prepare for videos from the con.

I also entered my second round of Pitch Madness. I revamped my hook/pitch line, wrote a shiny new intro and now I’m waiting to see if I’ve survived the slush pile or not. Contests are odd. They make me excited and terrified. And the waiting. I hate the waiting.

One of my coworkers at The Day Job asked me how to publish a book. I grinned like a shark.

First, you write a draft. Second, you finish the draft. Congratulations. Have a slice of cake. You wrote a book and that’s a major accomplishment.

Then you revise. You find beta readers or CPs and they read your book and give you advice. Take or it leave it. Not all advice is good advice. Always save multiple copies of your book. You never know when you’ll need to resurrect something.


Then you make a list of agents who might be interested in your book. You write a query letter, which is like pulling out all your teeth with toothpicks. Then you write a synopsis. Or three. That’s like pop riveting your eyes shut.

Maybe you get an agent. You WILL get rejections.

And more revisions.

Did I mention revisions?

By that point, his eyes had gotten huge and I think I saw the gears in his head lock. You know you’re a writer when you know all of this… and still want it.

The last two days have had me locked on Writer Headspace with ZERO time to write. I’ve opened the last two mornings and I’m basically dead. I’m going to get one good night of sleep in my own bed, shower, and preparing for four days of extreme extraversion.

From which I will hide for three days in my room post-con.

In other news, I’m gearing up for Dark Carnival, which you can find out about here: DARK CARNIVAL

My darling, decrepit illusionist is dying to meet you all. He’s a real SLICE.

Until then, darlings.




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2 responses to “Dead on Your Feet

  1. Eeep! I’m so excited that you’re in! I can’t wait to meet your illusionist!

    Also, I’m in love with your blog name. That is all. šŸ˜›

  2. So my previous comment disappeared… wtf?

    I’m so excited you’re going to join the Dark Carnival! I can’t wait to meet your illusionist! Creepy. šŸ™‚

    Also, I’m in love with your blog name. That is all.

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