Possessions and Parting: A Farewell to My Writing Chair

This may seem like a silly post–and it is–but last night I finally put my old writing chair out in the garage. I got a new one a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t been able to do more than fold up the old one and let it hang out in the corner.

It’s just a big black club chair. I bought it my junior year in college and wrote numerous essays in its comfy depths. It spent some time in my basement after I graduated before being relocated to my bedroom.

I wrote most of The Killing Type in it. And edited it. And lamented over it. That chair has been through a lot. And now both its arms are broken, the left one at the elbow joint, the right at the wrist (just like me), it’s sagging and though it’s immeasurably comfortable and lived in and used, it’s sad.

Amanda Palmer once said something about speaking to the things you’re parting with, that it helps.

So goodbye, writing chair. You’ve been a great companion for the last four years. You were well-loved, well lived in, well cared for. You listened as I ranted about plot bunnies, and caught my tears of frustration, and made no qualms about supporting me. And my writing. Thank you, writing chair. I will miss you.

New writing chair is a disk chair. There isn’t as much arm room, I can’t quite sink into it, but it’s comfy. Right now it’s holding a pile of costumes for DragonCon. More on that later.

I’m off to work. Expect a Con Blog soon. If you’ve missed some of my VEDA posts, catch up with this handy playlist. Day 19 involves CONTACT JUGGLING!


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