And Now… The Weather

I made the mistake of taking a nap today, so whatever clever writerly post I was going to make… I have promptly forgotten.

August has been full of THINGS, dear readers. I discovered a podcast I absolutely adore and realized the voice of said podcast is my double, if I were male and living in the small desert community of Night Vale.

I have successfully vlogged for two weeks of VEDA, and I really like it. Expect more vlogs in the future.

I’m working on the less-than-fun writer things one needs to enter the land of being agented. In other words, in-depth research and making spreadsheets while trying to not despair.

And of course, DragonCon. As DragonCon looms on the crisp horizon, my blog will go from writerly things to COSTUMES. Take this post for example. I’m about to tell you my amazing con plans and will revisit this progress next week.

Hey, even addicted writers need a break now and again.

So without further ado, The Goblin Queen costume is finished. I decided Monday night I was going to throw together a Cecil cosplay (or Cecilia, cause I’m a chick), and that I should narrator all of Sunday as though I was were radio personality mentioned above.

Finding a grey sweater vest–or “sleeveless sweater”–is proving extremely difficult. The rest is easy; getting someone to draw tattoos on my arms and neck will be a blast.

That concludes costume news. In writing news, I’m gearing up for Pitch Madness at the end of the month. A shiny new first 250 words and a brand new pitch, and here’s hoping I make it out of the slush and at least into the first round. That’s all I really want.

This blog was sorta weird, but I’m losing my mind with con-prep and trying to stay on topic. I doubt next week’s blog will be more coherent, but maybe I’ll talk about something more relevant than costumes.

Good night, readers.

Good night.


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