15 Day Book Blogging Challenge|The Conclusions


With VEDA and some new things in the works, I’m ending out the 15 Day (which took a lot longer than 15 days) Book Blogging Challenge. Here we go!

Describe One Underappreciated Book:

Crown Duel and Court Duel by Sherwood Smith. I never see anyone talk about. I picked up an omnibus edition a million years ago (I was… 10, maybe?) and loved it. I read it again a few years ago and still loved it.

Tell Us Your Deal-Breakers:

Since this is a book blogging challenge, I assume you mean deal-breakers for books. POOR EDITING. Seriously. I’m no paragon of perfection, but I can usually catch my errors and missing words. If you’re freaking published, but can’t form coherent sentences… oh, it’s bad.

I also hate boring. Boring characters, boring storylines… if I’m not hooked within a couple of pages, then we’re done.

Let’s not forget loose ends and sudden-random-meaning. Take for example Robert Jordan’s The Towers of Midnight. The book should be about the towers/the adventures therein. No. We didn’t even get to the Tower until the last third of the book. What?

And lastly

Who Are Your Blogging Mentors?

I don’t have any book blogger mentors, but I do have blogs I love. I love Gala Darling’s blog and her series on Radical Self Love. One day, if I’m ever rich, or merely not so poor, I’d love to attend a Blogcademy event.

I also adore Veronica Varlow’s Danger Diary. Veronica, whom I’ve met, is one of the most genuine people I’ve encountered.

So that’s it. 15 (or more) days of random bookish things you didn’t know about me. I hope you guys had as much fun with this challenge as I did, and I hope you like what’s coming next. If you haven’t seen them, I’ve posted the first two videos in the VEDA challenge, an introduction and a discussion on social stereotypes.

I’ve been told they’re funny.


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