15 Day Book Blogging Challenge|Day Eleven!

15-Day-ChallengeShow off 5 of your best blog posts!


Ok. Here it goes.

How to Make the Best of Being Mute: A Guide to Hilarity and Miming
Back in September, I had a terrible upper respiratory infection. I coughed so long and hard I obliterated my vocal cords. I couldn’t speak at all. Problem: I’m a cashier in retail. Here’s what happened when I wrote down some key answers in a notebook and made other people speak for me.

A Grand Theft Evening, and Why Lungs Are Important
That same week as above, before I lost my voice. This is probably the actual reason I lost my voice. Despite my better judgement, I tore it up at that Amanda Palmer concert. Worth it.

Input Mode: Reading and Writing as Procrastination
Some writing process stuff. Sometimes writing just doesn’t work as well as reading. Consuming words fuels the writer brain.

Social Media and the Bathroom StallThis is my FAVORITE blog. My friend Cassie goes to Western University in Canada and told me about the Fandom Stall and the Philosophy of Life stall. I demanded photos. This same bathroom was also written about by Yahoo.com. I’d like to think it’s because they saw my blog.

Grammatical Addictions and Editing: A 12-Step ProgramA funny post on my obsession with semi-colons, editing and revisionland.



Seven Unusual Things About MeWherein I show off my collection of Labyrinth gifs.


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