15 Day Book Blogging Challenge|Day Eight!

15-Day-ChallengeBlog Appeal!

1) Humor: be it snark, sass, or general hilarity.

2) Curiosity: I love blogs that keep me coming back for more.

3) Oddities: I love weird blogs, like blogs on forensic science or post-mortem photos

4) Voice: Engaging voices are SO important. It makes it feel like chatting rather than infospam.

5) Fluidity: I love when bloggers change it up!

6) Passion: Make me feel the reason you blog about your topic.


8) Well-structured conversations: Don’t argue. See both sides. Tell me why you chose.

9) Interaction: Talk to your readers!

10) Honesty: If you didn’t like a book, be honest about it. This doesn’t mean be cruel and hateful.

11) Openness: Blogs allow people into your lives. You don’t have to share everything, but you should share something.

12) Sharing: I love bloggers who help promote art/authors/musicians they love. We are the media!

13) Information: Love something I’ve never heard of? Teach me!

14) Personality: If your blog doesn’t reflect you/your passion, what’s the point?

15) Sentence structure: If you can’t write, learn. None of these things are any good if you can’t put sentences together.


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