Lobby-Crashing RWA13

Once I realized that SO MANY of my Twitter friends were headed to Atlanta for the Romance Writer’s Association Conference, there was no way I wasn’t going.

I headed out at 7.30 this morning, only to hit traffic at a dead stop at Exit 6. Exit 5 is the one I needed for the tram. I finally made it, ascended the escalator of my nightmares,


(IN PLATFORM WEDGES), hit the streets of Atlanta…

…and kinda freaked out because it’s SO EMPTY when it’s not DragonCon. I walked into the hotel and felt lonely. Then I laughed because a majority of the people there were in pink, except the one lady in a banana yellow pant suit and matching cowboy hat.

That was soon remedied when I met up with Karen Bynum, who is absolutely adorable and awesome in real life.


For a soul-sucking hellspawn, she was so nice. ❤

Karen headed off to a panel and I parked it at the Pulse Bar where moments later, my lovely fellow vintage darling Mina Vaughn found me. We got to talking and I swear she’s my red-lipstick wearing soul-sister. She’s crazy cool and hilarious.

She headed off to lunch with a friend, and I… well, I took the rare opportunity to ride the elevator to the top floor of the Marriott Marquis and back down. Four times.


Yes, I am a grown woman. That elevator was amazing.

Then I met with Laura Curtis, who fabulously got me a freelance gig with CriminalElement. She’s rad. (I’m trying not to abuse “awesome.”) We talked shop, she told me hilarious stories, I hope I was mildly entertaining, and I hope she eventually got to check in to her room.

I left RWA13 before the signing, which I sort of regret, but I also know that, knowing me, I’d be hanging out with these ladies WAY too long, and I have opening shift tomorrow. I missed Delilah. I’m sure her, Mina, and I would have gotten into trouble.

I was just stoked I got to meet these ladies. I’m bummed I didn’t take more selfies of us.

Mina, we need to fix this.

Delilah, you can hang out with me anytime. We live in the same state. You’re like, 30 minutes away from me. 😉

What’s really crazy is I think I have con withdrawal for a con I didn’t really attend!

So for all my Still-In-Atlanta friends, enjoy your con! It was so cool seeing you and I hope we get to meet up again soon!


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