15 Day Book Blogging Challenge|Day FOUR


Day Four: What’s the Last Book You Flung Across the Room?

I try not to make a habit of flinging books, but the last one that frustrated me to NO END was Lost in Austen, a create your own adventure book. I’m not a huge fan of Austen’s work (I think her life story is much cooler), but I got this book from a friend as the beginning to our inevitably failed book club. It was fun…

…Except I kept DYING.

Seriously, at one point I was accosted by gypsies and horribly murdered.

I gave it 3 tries and gave up.

On a serious note, the only other books I’ve been so frustrated with were both by Gregory McGuire, of Wicked fame.

Lost was a book about Scrooge, and this chick, and ghosts, and it made NO SENSE whatsoever. I also found A Lion Among Men pretty dull. I’m trying to read Out of Oz to finish the series, but I’m kinda skeptical on it. It starts out with Dorothy wishing to return, which is great and all, but I don’t know how he’s going to finish this off. I’d just stick to Wicked.

As always, you can find the original challenge post at GOOD BOOKS AND GOOD WINE.


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