15 Day Book Blogging Challenge| DAY THREE

15-Day-ChallengeBook Blogging Challenge Day Three! WHO are your blogging BFFs?

Here a few bloggers I know in REAL LIFE, and a few I’ve met through Twitter!

Delilah S. Dawson (www.delilahsdawson.com) She’s amazeballs. I adore her BLUD series, the new Shadowman novella she just released, and she throws one hell of a book launch party. (Did you hear about the time she had a fire spinner?!) I met Delilah when she commented on another author’s Facebook page about DragonCon. We had many failed attempts to meet for coffee, a run-in at Erin Morgenstern’s signing in Woodstock, and I finally–officially–met her at her launch for Wicked as They Come. She’s hilarious, and also a pangolin.

Catherine Scully (http://cscullywriter.wordpress.com/) is ALSO one of my real life friends, and she happens to be one of my best friends. We met at a Dresden Dolls concert, she liked my fascinator, we were both writer/designers and it was awesome. She wrote a kickass YA about ghosts and spirit mediums, which I can’t wait to read, and makes equally awesome book trailers. Also, she has a MENAGERIE of BUNNIES. Seriously, bunnies everywhere.

Dahlia Adler (https://dailydahlia.wordpress.com/) is a Twitter friend I recently met, and she’s awesome. She has one of the best writing blogs I’ve read, she’s got great taste in music, and she’s just a super cool chick. Her Twitter feed cracks me up. Check out her blog, and if you gives you advice, be sure to say Thank You. It’s polite.

I’m running out of people to blog about! Ah! Clearly, I don’t read ENOUGH blogs.

Mikael Short (http://mikshorty.com/) is ALSO one of my real-world friends. I met her in England when we both attended a study abroad program at Cambridge University. She’s an amazingly talented singer, writer, and Zumba junkie. We went clubbing in England, and it was the best time I had. Hey, remember that time we also got kicked out of that chappel?

Nikki Davis of ALT+POP is my favorite Muse-obsessed pop culture blogger. We met at a movie premiere in Atlanta, and she recently moved up here from Alabama, which is great because I love hanging out with her. She’s a horror junkie with a soft spot for Matt Bellamy’s cheekbones (really, who doesn’t enjoy them?) Recently, she was my fire safety at a 10-year-old’s birthday party. I hadn’t told her it was a 10 year old’s birthday party, and she laughed, realized I wasn’t kidding, and did it anyway. THAT is friendship.

Julie Hutchings is ALSO kickass and she has a book coming out in NINE DAYS. Her blog is Deadly Ever After, and she’s posting character profiles for RUNNING HOME. Check her out.

If I’ve left you out, it’s because I’m addled as usual and it’s completely slipped my mind. Sorry. Post YOUR blogs in the comments and share your favorite bloggers.

See you Monday for DAY FOUR!

Check out the original Challenge Post on GOOD BOOKS AND GOOD WINE.


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