15 Day Book Blogging Challenge|Day Two!


I had a little extra time today before work, so here goes Day Two:

What is your bedtime reading ritual?I don’t really have one. Most nights I just crash because The Day Job has me working crazy hours or I’ve been up until 2am writing. On those rare nights I DO read in, I kinda just flop down and dive in. I perform Reading Yoga by twisting myself into various shapes as I read. I don’t have tea because I will spill it and I don’t eat snacks because I’m too busy turning the page to have a hand doing something as ridiculous as feeding me.

Oddly enough, I always seem to stop reading or finish a book around 1 in the morning.

Check out April’s original post on her blog: GOOD BOOKS AND GOOD WINE.

Wanna see my 15 Day One Book Confessions? READ IT HERE!


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