Summoning Beetlejuice and Author Murder

So this happened this morning:

Be careful what you say online, guys. You never know who's reading.

Be careful what you say online, guys. You never know who’s reading.

And I also realized I haven’t blogged in almost a month. Here’s a recap of the three weeks:

The Annual Alchemy Drumming and Dance performance went AMAZINGLY. The local paper came out to cover the event, the mayor called to tell us how cool and talented we were, and I got super sunburned despite wearing sunblock and reapplying. Twice.

0609BELLY_4Here’s the link to the article, which has a surprising number of photos of me, and a short video of the performances. BECAUSE BELLY DANCERS.

In case you doubted me.

In case you doubted me.

The day after recital, I danced in a “freak show” for a benefit circus for the city of Dahlonega. My hair looks fantastic in this picture. We got to wear bindi jewels. We were hot.

The Alchemy Dancers and the Stongman. Please note the sunglare off my arm and Fox's stomach.

The Alchemy Dancers and the Stongman. Please note the sunglare off my arm and Fox’s stomach.

The week after that, I chopped all my hair off. Francine called it a “Bettie Page”-boy. I love it.

Why are my eyes so big?!

Why are my eyes so big?!

It’s also really, really red.

Glad to have my color back!

Glad to have my color back!

And finally, I went to Neil Gaiman’s last ever US book tour signing with my friend Rachel. It was amazing. I’d preordered the book before I knew there would be a tour, and it arrived the day it was released. I devoured it.

His talk was brilliant, no one committed Author Murder, Cat somehow ended up doing his laundry, and I spoke with him for a few seconds before we let. The talk started at 7.30pm and Rachel and I didn’t leave until after midnight. It was all worth it.


“You can be here for any reason, except for author murder.” -Neil Gaiman

We met this cool chick named Elizabeth, hung out in the balcony, and we all, at one point or another, dove into the Ocean we held in our hands. For the second time in a week, I emerged soaked in salt water and irrevocably altered. I think this is Gaiman’s best story yet.


I didn’t get the chance to thank him for writing the stories he wanted to read. Turns out, I wanted to read them too. His nightmare brain inspired mine. I really just wanted to give him a cup of hot chocolate and a hug, he looked so exhausted.

I got home after 2am, had to be up the next morning for work and didn’t care how tired I was.

I also got to see The Great Gatsby, old sport. It was brilliant, old sport, excepting the number of times Jay Gatsby kept repeating ‘Old sport,’ old sport.

So now it’s Friday again. Tomorrow, I’m performing at a 10-year-old’s birthday party. I’m frantically making a playlist of age-appropriate songs (thank Poe I have a ton of techno/instrumentals). And then June is over and we move into July and I once again tell myself I need to work on DragonCon things before August.

I’ve entered another query party. Results pending. Still writing.

There’s one thing I want to focus on as we cross into July. I have a terrible habit of losing time. I let so much pile up and get in the way, I ignore it, and suddenly another month is gone and I didn’t cover anything I’d wanted. I need to stop letting things slip by me, half-acknowledged.

I’m making a schedule. A commitment to you, lone reader, that every Wednesday (my standard day off), I will have a blog post for you. Or a vlog. Or something. But every Wednesday there will be something here for you.

There are other things happening, things I’m not ready to talk about, but that whole “change” thing I mentioned? It’s happening.

“Though I know I should be wary, still I venture someplace scary…”


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