Back from NYC, and The Road Ahead

I spent the last week in my glistening New York City, far away from The Day Job and Divorceland. It was magical. And then I had to fly back.

The weather could not have better. I spent 5 days running around the city (and avoiding Time Square like the plague), hunting down Wonderland in Central Park, being enthralled by Broadway (Pippin, go see it now), wandering a 5-story hotel and trailing men and women covered in the blood (Sleep No More. Seriously, go), shopping, spending time with writer friends, and drinking an obscene amount of absinthe in my new favorite NYC haunt.


I don’t think I’ll ever in my life forget those first moments of Sleep No More. I wore my fancy dress, had my mask over my face. The elevator man gave us our instructions, ending with “Fortune favors the bold” and the command for everyone to get out of the elevator. I stepped out…

…and the doors slammed shut behind me.

I was alone in the asylum floor.

The biggest thing that happened this week wasn’t getting left alone in a giant hotel with an indoor cemetery and blood orgy room, but the encouragement and conversation I had on Friday, the last night I spent in my beloved city. Over the most perfect glass of chai tea I’ve tasted (delivered at optimal drinking temperature), I gave my life a hard look.

I’d rather have a million jobs I love than one I hate. I need to have a job that doesn’t make me feel like I’m dying every day.

But I also need to pay my bills, so I’m still stuck where I am until something more awesome comes along. That doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing in the meantime. I’m looking into doing background work for the growing film scene in Atlanta, I’m still plugging away on The Killing Type revisions, getting book 2 into book-shape, and working a third story that came to me this most glorious week.

And I’m starting a YouTube channel. I know at least a handful of people are stuck in this boat with me, and if I can add some humor to the internet by talking about my current position, then why not. So for now, I’m going to put that uniform back on, rock my winged eyeliner and blood-red lipstick, and draw all the positive energy in that I can.

Things are going to change, and I’m going to make them.

Fortune favors the bold. Everyone out.



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