Why I Can’t Make Decisions When It Comes to Reading

I love reading. I don’t read as much as I have in past years, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. With all the books rapidly finding homes on my “bookshelf” (and by “bookshelf” I mean closet, cd rack, desk…), I find myself debating ebooks vs paperback. It’s kinda like an endless game of pros and cons, but without any real resolution.

Last Christmas I got a Nook, and don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s handy for travel (especially with the rising price of carry-on luggage), it’s compact, my pages don’t get wrinkled/bent/torn. The first eBook I bought was Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus. Which I know also own in hardback. I find I have the same choosing anxiety I have when in a bookstore. This anxiety is compounded by the one feature of eReaders that endlessly kills me: FORMATTING.

I find mysterious gaps between words, cut off sentences, missing bits… and I die a little. That’s not to say printed things aren’t without error, but the formatting on eReaders…

2013-03-21 11.22.39

Seriously, where is the rest of my sentence? And the first sentence at that. Yeah, I can totally figure out what the rest IS, but I don’t wanna. I want my pretty words. This is just annoying.

The other reason I’m not terribly fond of eReaders? People can’t see what I’m reading. There’s something I like about sitting with a book, cover bare, and having people see what I’m reading. With all the beautifully simplistic covers, I hate NOT having one to show off and admire and ardently daydream of one being my own.

Just look how pretty it is! It’s shiny in person.

How could you not want to show it off?

Truth is, if I like it enough, I buy it. eBooks don’t really save me money in the conventional way.  I love novellas and the ability to get and read things that aren’t printed, and Free Book Friday is rad, but there’s no choice to make. I want both. And I don’t have to choose.

I just can’t not buy printed copies. It’s engrained in me. I can’t use libraries because I have to give the books back. I frequent my local used bookshop, but sadly, they’re closing and there aren’t any independent shops in my town.

I’ve also been thinking about the WAY we consume art, but that’s a blog for next week. Or later this week.

I have books to read.




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2 responses to “Why I Can’t Make Decisions When It Comes to Reading

  1. Han

    I understand what you are concerned about, but there are also many advantages to ebooks. It benefits authors and publishers and you can get any book you want faster.

    • onegirlvaudeville

      Oh, I know. I’ve come to terms with ebooks and I know how convenient they are. They still don’t hold the same magic as a physical book, but I don’t dislike them.

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