PitchMadness: Here’s the Scoop (and a Peek!)

Yesterday, this brave little toaster entered THE KILLING TYPE into her first contest, PitchMadness, hosted by the lovely Brenda Drake. I will be busy “not” thinking about this until the 26th, wherein I shall know my fate. And hopefully finish that novella.

I thought I’d take the chance to share my pitch and first 250 here on the blog. You’ve read my ranting and raving about it, so here you go!

Meghan Schuler
Genre: Adult- paranormal/thriller
Word Count: 71,000

Pitch: Charlotte Grimly thought life was hard enough as a schizophrenic. Now she’s being accused of murder. Charlotte must prove she’s not the killer, though her increasing hallucinations and the voices seem to have other plans.


Her hand trembled. The metal burned cold against her skin. She closed her eyes, hearing again the raised voices as she argued endlessly with her boyfriend. She felt the bruises coming up, black and purple, soon to be green and yellow. The door slammed again in her mind, rattling her skull and sending a fresh wave of tears over her face. They burned. She placed the barrel in her mouth, tasting the gunpowder from shots spent the previous evening. She spat it back out, shaking her head. She replaced the barrel at her temple, feeling the hollow of the muzzle against her head. One bullet was all it took. One straight shot.

The crack of gunfire echoed in the house as she crumbled to the floor, the gun lingering in her hand.

Charlotte watched the metallic strip flash through the card scanner like a blade. Plastering on a smile, she pressed the lid around the coffee cup and slid it across the counter. The woman with the card shot her a glance before snatching up her beverage and turning on her heel. Charlotte blinked at the woman’s back. “Thank you, come back and see us,” she offered to the air. She watched her leave, disdain and envy swirling in her chest. Charlotte wished walking away were that easy. She’d leave everything behind, including the voices whispering to her just beyond her hearing.
Her eyes moved to a newspaper by the door, held afloat by a pair of hands. The headline stood bold against the gray paper: Woman Found Dead in Home.



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14 responses to “PitchMadness: Here’s the Scoop (and a Peek!)

  1. I would absolutely read on! I appreciate spare writing, and I think yours is spare in the best of ways. The pitch is strong and relatable. I’m a lowly querier, so take this for what it’s worth (not a ton). Best wishes!

  2. Great job! I think this is original, interesting and compelling. Good luck!

  3. Yeah!

    I really love the pitch and the first 250 doesn’t disappoint, either. It’s got a slight Gillian Flynn feel to it, not holding back, not afraid to say what it needs to say in order to get its point across.

    I’d certainly read more!

    Best of luck and thanks for posting!

  4. I’m hooked and ready to read more! Nice work.

  5. Shelly Tennyson Taylor

    Sounds good!
    Good Luck hope you nab your agent!

  6. I’m hooked! You introduced the character in a way that was gradual, but that worked. And the last line was what really got me. If I was looking at this in a bookstore, I’d buy it!

  7. Great job! I would definitely be reading on… I need to know who did it and I’m quite intrigued to see how she deals being a schizophrenic.
    Best of luck 😉

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