Seven Unusual Things About Me

Thanks to my darling friend Cat for tagging me. You can (and should) check out her blog and unusual facts here.

Here are seven (hopefull) unusual things about me.

1) I can recite the entire script of Labyrinth. It has been my favorite film since I was 4, and I’ve always wanted to be the Goblin Queen. I will forever maintain that Sarah made the wrong choice.

I finally took up contact juggling last year. No, they don’t become bubbles.

2) Going with number 1, I actually DID try to summon Jareth when my sister was a baby. It didn’t work. Or I’m still waiting.

I’ve asked Cat if I could borrow her son under the terms that I’d get him back, and make a deal with J around giving back the baby and keeping me. She declined.

3) I’m a belly dancer. People who knew me before I started belly dancing were floored when I told them I wanted to learn. I’m not naturally …exhibitionisty… so belly dance was a major step in boosting my confidence. Also, it’s fun. Also, Fox kicks my ass every week with pilates warmups and drills. Muscles I didn’t know I have ached.

4) Revoke my geek-cred, but I am not a fan of LoTR or Harry Potter. Yeah, I read the books and I’ve seen the films (sort of. All LoTR, and HP 1,2,3,7,8) but I’m just not in love with them. I might see the second Hobbit film for Benedict Cumberbatch.

5) I’m a horror writer who doesn’t like horror films. Ok, I do, but I prefer the psychological horror to the blood and guts, body parts hanging everywhere horror. A little gore is ok, but when your plot (or lack of plot) is covered in visera, you’ve got problems.

6) I don’t know if it’s unusual, but in recent news, I really enjoyed Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. I went to see it for my birthday, expecting it to be horrible, and really, it wasn’t. I think the length of the film (it was only an hour) really saved what could have been disasterous. It was funny, there was shirtless Jeremy Renner, and it had a storyline that made sense. Also, Hansel had diabetes from eating the gingerbread house. I think that was the best part.

7) I can do two voice-impressions: Shock, from Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sandy, from Daria. I will never be a voice actor. I might try out makeup effects instead.

And there’s seven! I was trying for the less obvious unsual things about me. I hope you learned something or were entertained, and now I have to get ready for work.

Bonus: I looked up all these Labyrinth gifs for the sake of this post. My geekdom is great.



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2 responses to “Seven Unusual Things About Me

  1. I’m with you on #5. I write & read horror, but don’t love horror movies, except well-done psychological movies & ghost stories.

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