Social Media and the Bathroom Stall: A Blog in Photos

Before there was Tumblr, there were bathroom stalls. Sure, the content wasn’t anything to brag about (I WUZ HERE isn’t exactly poetry), but bathroom vandalism was fun and a neat way to troll the next guy to enter the can.

The other day my friend Cas told me about the bathroom stall in the University College Building, second floor, known as the Fandom Stall. Behold it’s mighty glory (and please click the pictures for enhanced magic). It started with “The Chamber of Secrets is opened…”

This washroom also houses the Philosophy of Life Stall on the opposite end of the room, where someone wrote, “What was the worst day of your life?” “What was the best day of your life?” “What do you want most in life?”

But it made us think about how we communicate. Scribbling on a bathroom wall created social arena for fans of various shows or books to come together. The anonymity is glorious. It’s the perfect storm of random illegal act and expression of passion. The Philosophy Stall offers compassion. I think this note is most perfect:

These are things people leave, unprompted. Words of acceptance and love.

And sometimes gloating. I really want to start one of these somewhere and see what happens.



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