A Day in the Life of a Writer

Working an ever-changing schedule in retails means my day-to-day writing process is just as flexible, and sometimes nearly impossible. Since I’m working today, I’ll use last Saturday (my rare day off) as an example:

8:00 am- Wake up. Wonder what people wear when they aren’t in a work uniform and contemplate whether or not you can leave the house and look like a person.

8:30 am- Complete dressing process. Pack up laptop and charger.

9:00 am- Drop mail off at the post office, proceed to Starbucks one town away.

9:30-40 am- Arrive. Order grande soy chai tea latte. Contemplate scone. Reject idea because I’m broke.
10:00 am- Claim small table in back corner if available. If not, settle for long table until relocation is possible. Small table acquired.

10:05 am- Hook into Starbucks wi-fi and fire up Spotify. Open Scrivener. Resist urge to Facebook. Nothing of vaule happens there. Open Twitter instead, minimize screen.

10:10 am- Headphones in, enter Focus mode, WRITE.

11:30 am- Realize an hour passed even though it felt like 10 minutes. Check word count. Be pleasantly surprised. Check Twitter. Leave MSN messenger up.

11:40 am- Back to writing. I wish I could say I had a word count goal. Technically, more than two words is a good day. Inwardly cringe at Christmas ads on Spotify. Contemplate getting a paid account. Reject idea. If I can’t have scones, I can’t have music either. Chat with friend on MSN (who is also supposed to be writing). Emotional support engaged.

1:00 pm- Look over timeline and realize I’m muddled it up by rearranging things. Also realize I’ve neglected to bring my notebook; settle for in-chapter timeline notes. Hope I remember.

1:30 pm- Hunger. Save document, purchase tomato, basil, and mozzarella sandwich. Eat.

2:00 pm- Decide to give it another hour. Switch scenes. If I started on a mid-chapter, switch to an ending chapter. Give in urge to look over previous chapters and edit.

3:00 pm- Look at word count, feel proud, pack it up.

3:45 pm- Arrive back home. Plug in laptop for well-deserved charging. Face interrogation by mother who doesn’t believe I can spend hours in a coffeehouse alone.

4:00 pm- Listen to Gala Darling’s Love & Sequins.

6:00 pm- Dinner. Wait for family to leave/go to bed.

7:00-10:55 pm- Procrastinate. Clean room. Shower. Attempt EFT. Wonder why I’m procrastinating. Practice poi. Shatter lightbulb. Cut foot 2 hours later because I didn’t get all the glass up. Vow to never practice poi in the house again.

11:00 am- Realize I have to be at work the next morning. Bang out another 1,000-2,000 words. Revise.

1:00 am- Bed.

7:30 am- Wonder why I keep doing this to myself.

I’m trying to be more of a morning writer because I get the most time to myself before shifts, but I’m a night writer. I’ll stay awake until 3 or 4 if I let myself. If I have the next day off, I will. Sometimes I end up running errands during daylight hours, but I’m trying to be more diligent about writing.

AND I happen to have an announcement! Well, one of several, but by far the most important. The Novel-Thing has a real name now! Or, you know, a working title. Ready?


I’m very excited about it. I hope it sticks.


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