How To Dress Like a Hipster

I’ve never considered myself a fashionable person, contrary to the beliefs of many of my friends (apparently). So when I hatched my Saturday Morning Coffeehouse Write-In, I had no idea what to wear. Spending most of my time in uniform doesn’t help. I turned to Cassie for advice, and thus Hipster Coffee Shop Girl came to be.

I actually kinda like it. Leggings, flats, a skirt I stole from my sophomore roommate, a weird rusty sweater top and my trusty black beret. Add soy chai tea latte, stir and serve. All I’m missing are my thick frame glasses. Alas.

I really like this Morning Coffeehouse Write-In business. This may need to be a weekly tradition. I decimated my daily word count for NaNoWriMo in under an hour. I’m progressing much faster here, without the distraction of being in my house. It’s personal-time paired with writing-time paired with the deliciousness of chai tea and scones. I also look cute as hell.

With the stress at home with my parent’s divorce (because now it’s public and I can blog about it), it’s nice to dress up and get away.

Now I’m going to see Amanda and my honorary niece and head home to help my sister wrap a gift before she goes on the ghost tour I went on a few weeks ago. It was awesome. I think Beth caught a ghost. Enlarge to see better. That’s a front door, for context.

Latte done. Scone eaten. Word count slain.

It’s been a good day.


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