What’s More Fun than a Zombie-Hating Ghoul?

A zombie-hating ghoul having to deal with zombies.

In celebration of my most favorite month leading to my most favorite holiday, I’ll be reliving last year’s (sadly post-Halloween) challenge of writing a story in a month. Hopefully, this will become a tradition and not just an exercise in not freaking out about editing and perfection on the first go.

Last year saw the introduction of Vincent, a ghoul ‘living’ in the basement of an abandoned morgue, and Ellie, a young obituary clerk sent to shake down the funeral home for lack of payment. A RomCom (or as I like to call it, a ZomCom), Deadbeat landed at over 10k.

If you missed it, you can still read Deadbeat on my Figment.com account. In fact, here it is!

>Click here to start reading Deadbeat<

Fair warning: That version is still largely unedited. I’m working on the revamped copy in Scrivener, but that’ll catch you up.

Starting tomorrow, Vin and Ellie’s ridiculous adventures continue. You’ll be able to find the story on Figment as well as here. All chapters will be archived on Figment.com, so be sure to bookmark it to be certain you don’t miss a thing.

Happy haunting ghouls!


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