Bookstores: Lost in the Pit of Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

It’s a well-known, or at least well-acknowledged fact–by me–that I should never, ever be allowed into a bookstore and left to my own devices. It’s like being lost in the most wonderful place in the world with no hope of leaving of my own free will. It’s not the finding process, it’s the selection.

So naturally, I sent out a call to Twitter and Facebook, and spent an hour texting Laura and Cat for suggestions. I really should keep a physical list of books to read. Or I need a bigger bank account so choosing is no longer such a challenge.

I walked through the fiction/sci-fi/mystery section and the young adult section, saw several books I’d made a mental note to read, saw others with gorgeous cover art and fun titles, lamented the lack of John Green books, lamented the “Teen Paranormal Romance” display, and then….a breath of fresh air.

Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Pride and Prejudice were lovingly displayed amongst newer titles in the Teen Fiction section. Encouraging youth to read the classics makes me happy.

And then I looked at the cover art.

They’ve been “Twilight”ed. Honestly, it’s a trend I really hate. The new DVD release of Buffy is the same way. Ok. I’ll let the photos slide. They’re pretty, and if companies use the marketing trickery to get kids to read more, fine.

It’s the tag lines.

Cellphone quality being what it is, I’ll tell you.

Pride and Prejudice: The Love That Started It All
Jane Eyre: Love Conquers All
Wuthering Heights: Love Never Dies

Cheesy. As. Fuck.

Also, how do you boil down brilliant novels to trite one-liners?

Faith in Humanity: steadily declining.

I left the youth section with Anna Dressed in Blood, cause homicidal ghosts! and the latest Kim Harrison book, my guilty pleasure read. I love me some Algaliarept. Victorian demons in everything.

What I find most interesting about my bookstore experiences is that while I want everything, I have this overwhelming sense dread when it comes to selecting books. Do I go with a book I safe in selecting, like the next one in the series? Do I risk picking up something based on looks? I do judge books by their covers, and believe me, the pretty ones are ridiculously tempting.

I think the major problem is my bank account. I usually go for the used bookstore: lower prices means more books, and if I don’t like them, no harm done. I guess it’s the sorrow of broke post-college students.

I’m going to watch Trick ‘r Treat (which I finally bought, and lo, now it’s on television!), speculate on Season Seven of Dexter and join darling Catherine for #writeclub.

With only 32 days left until Halloween, maybe I’ll pull something out of my sleeve to celebrate my favorite of holidays.


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