A Grand Theft Evening and Why Lungs are Important

Otherwise titled: How to defeat an upper respiratory infection through mental immune system superiority, except I’m still struggling to keep my lungs in my chest.

It all started Wednesday, as the weekend of Art in the Square loomed. It was a slight cough. Inconvenient. Thursday, Thor may as well have slammed Mjolnir into my chest. Twice. My fever spiked 102. I went to the doctor. Guess who developed an upper respiratory infection the day before a weekend-long dance performance AND the Amanda Palmer concert?!

So I’ve been highly medicated for the past 48 hours. My fever dropped (thank god), and though I felt like crap, I danced anyway. I worked too hard on that piece to NOT perform it, lung ailments be damned.

I thought it went well. I didn’t forget any dance in the drug haze, I think I remembered to smile as I attempted not to hit anyone, and the audience seemed receptive. Today we had the great misfortune of an extremely rude gospel band across the lot who was supposed to end their set, were asked to turn it down if they didn’t, and actually cranked it up. I’m pretty sure acting like a douchebag is not condoned in the Bible.

On a happier note, Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra were AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, I can’t describe to you how much love they send out the entire show. I danced, I cried, I laughed, I loved. I was lucky enough to spend the evening with two my favorite people, Michael and Cat. Cat and I met two years ago when the Dresden Dolls toured through Atlanta. Best concert ever. New best friend ever. So it was like a mini friend-aversary celebration.

Amanda called for audience members to submit photos, write notes about sad/bad things that happened in his/her room, and seriously, it was one of the most beautiful, heart-rending and empowering concerts I’ve ever been to.

Smile! (Pictures or it didn’t happen)


The Killing Type (which is somehow even MORE fantastic live)

I also learned that no matter what, I am to ALWAYS charge my camera, even if I think it’s already charged because guess what? It’ll die. Every. Time. At least I had my cell for backup but I dislike not being able to take super fancy high quality photos. Ah well.

There was a lot of SurpriseSax thanks to Ronald Reagan

I may have sacrificed my remaining lung capacity and voice to the show. I met Amanda again, thanked her, hugged her, and went on my way to toss back some cough syrup and “sleep.”

I know they aren’t spectacular, but as always, if you use my photo, link back and give credit.


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