The Ladies of Hoopskirts: DragonCon 2012

Another year, another highly successful con!

This year we stayed at the Westin instead of the Hilton.
Exercise bonus: .3 miles UPHILL
Easy access to view the parade
Complimentary Starbucks Coffee and Tazo Tea
MASSIVE television for DCTV

Oddly shaped room (the Westin IS circular, so all the rooms were vaguely pie-shaped)
Tiny bathroom (pro: shaving mirror. Made the making-up processes easier)
Impossible to leave during the parade

Other than that, it was Con as usual. My AMG Alice’s was a success on Friday. At one point, Julie and I found a hallway that, the farther you entered, the closer the ceiling got. So naturally, we took Shrinking Room/Growing Alice photos.

No cake required.

I felt rather menacing roaming Atlanta with my pepper grinder and 4-inch Demonia boots.

I was also very tall. Alice, our roommate, was also dressing as AMG Alice for Con, and brought with her the most adorable hobbyhorse I’ve ever seen. His name is Snickerdoodle, and he will fuck you up. I want one.

Saturday I met with my darling friends Cat, Michael, Jenn and Karen (and Lauren, who photobombed us), for lunch. I should have known Saturday would be amazing after I fought my way from the Westin to the Hyatt, only to find Cat had texted me to say she was… in the Westin. I made it back, we ate lunch, and who should I run into but the Goblin King himself? He and Sarah are really cool people. We high-fived.

I walked around dressed as a street magician/Widgetesque from The Night Circus and attended several panels on busking and writing. Not together.

Sunday. Sunday was the day I dreaded and was most excited for. Sunday was the Masquerade and I was going to be on stage. I rewore the Black Patchwork Suit because I was in terror of anyone (especially me) messing up that gorgeous white beast. Jareth, Sarah and Amanda (their friend) were in my den. We all collapsed on the floor and promptly formed the Hoop Skirt Club (with the exception of Jareth, as he was not, in fact, wearing a skirt of any kind). Julie joined us. We lamented the necessity of our undergarments. Sarah was smart enough to wear cargo shorts.

Jareth and Sarah stole the show. I was proud and very glad I’d met them.

I did not win anything. I did not expect to. I DID almost get crushed by a dalek. Only at Dragon*Con. In my horror, I nearly missed my entrance, forgot my routine and promptly dropped my juggling ball (unlike Jareth, I brough my Sil-X. I live in terror of dropping my acrylic). I recovered, danced a bit, and trotted offstage. Later, I could not stand to watch my own recap, though everyone said I looked and did great.

Though I may have had a stage mishap, I’m pretty sure I SLEW the gauntlet. The gauntlet is the after-contest photography portion of the event where those willing line up with cameras and take photos. We rotate in sets of 3 on stage so everyone gets a good shot. The other two girls posed; I contact juggled. At one point someone said, “Oh, now she’s just showing off.” I felt successful.

And so the Con ended. There’s a lot of little in-between stories, cute puppeteers, Doctors attempting to sonic screwdriver the “happy red matter ball,” flirting with boys, meeting two Tiny Lil’ Miss Grand Supremes, breaking it DOWN to the Cruxshadows (while wearing the White Dress), and stellar makeup skills. I learned the importance of not being afraid of publishing houses/agents, what I’ll need to do before I can let the novel-thing venture out into the world, and I’ve reaffirmed that my life is basically awesome.

I think there may be some other super important life moment, but I’m so tired and have yet to recover from the Con.

I have to work AND prepare for a belly dance show.


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  1. "Sarah"

    You were wonderful and fun company during the long wait backstage!!! Thank you for the pic and mention, and hopefully we will see you again next year!

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