Grammatical Addictions and Editing: A 12-Step Program

Step One: Admitting you have a problem

Recognizing your addiction and admitting that you’re overuse of fragments/semi-colons/ellipses have become unmanageable in your writing.

Step Two: Recognizing that a higher power can give you strength

The Dictionary and Thesaurus are your guides. Put your faith in them and you will find ways of restructuring your writing.

Step Three: Make the choice to turn your draft to an Editor

Seek constructive criticism–the editing oracles are there for you to strengthen your writing and help you polish your skill.

Step Four: Make a searching and fearless inventory of your plot.

Is your timeline askew? Do your characters speak in colloquial phrasing or anachronistic dialect? Does anything make sense outside your head? Consider which elements are providing obstacles to completing your work.

Step Five: Admit to yourself, your beta-readers, your editor, the nature of your wrongs.

Bringing your addiction to your friends and partner’s attentions will help you identify what needs to change and create a support system to prevent you falling back into old habits.

Step Six: Be entirely ready to have your Editor pinpoint these defects.

Because he/she will. Usually in red.

Step Seven: Humbly ask advice on how to remove or restructure your sentences.

Write by writing. Learn to avoid using the same punctuation by changing up your structure and asking for advice.

Step Eight: Make a list of things that need correcting.

Note where there is an overabundance of the punctuation in question, time gaps, misused words, or whatever else needs to be adjusted.

Step Nine: Forgive yourself those mistakes.

You are human, you make mistakes. Spell-check is likewise not always reliable.

Step Ten: Continue to take personal inventory, and when wrong, admit it.

You will slip a hyphen or colon somewhere it isn’t needed. Acknowledge that the structure can be changed and do so.

Step Eleven: Seek meditation with your world to improve contact with your characters.

Always be open to new possibilities for your work. Spend a little time each day thinking about the story itself, not the revision process.

Step Twelve: Literary awakening as the result of the program.

Edits are not the all-shattering hammer. They build up and strengthen your writing foundation. Carry this message to fellow writers and practice these principles in all your affairs.


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