Dying Isn’t Pretty

It’s sticky, messy, you turn odd colors, there’s no easy clean-up kit.

And the foam color makes my head feel strange, not to mention I get it EVERYWHERE.


Sorry. Dying my hair isn’t pretty.

But it’s happening. RIGHT NOW. Here’s hoping Deep Cherry Brown works out for me. And thanks to John Frieda, who provides the dying kit with REAL gloves, not those odd, cartoony thin ones.

I already took the plunge yesterday and chopped my long, wavy, rockabilly locks into a sassy swing bob, and the coat of paint is the last step in the process. I’m hoping to go back Saturday to get another inch off the back and make the bob a bit edgier.

I always feel great after a new haircut. It’s another chance to reinvent myself, form a new outlook, seek new opportunities.

I’m currently looking for another job. Being a grocery store cashier is marvelous and all, but after four years and the recent rash of drama, it’s time for a change. I applied to work in a bookstore. Still cashiering, but at least I’d be surrounded by the scent of literature and coffee. I just wish there were more independent bookstore/cafes around, but I also live in the middle of nowhere, and am therefore not surprised.

I’m still in limbo career-wise. I answered VLC Productions’ call for a graphic designer, but I don’t know how that’ll go. Honestly, it seems like a dream job to me. VLC does a lot with photography and book trailers, and dear gods do I love books. Making pretty things FOR books would be… the perfect storm of things I love.

Taking a que from Vania, I’ve started challenging myself to write 1,000 words in 1 hour. Last time, I made it to 945. Damn close. I blame pausing for research. But research IS important. I’m plugging away at the novel-thing slowly, but I’m inching past the former writer’s block and getting more into action.

I even have an outline! Well, a solid idea of what happens, more or less sequentially. In the words of Neil Gaiman, “You learn to write by writing.” Oh, did I mention he spoke to me on Twitter? Yeah. It was AWESOME.

If you haven’t seen/heard it yet, go listen to his commencement speech. It’s honest, funny, brilliant, and reassured me that I can make a career making stuff up. I tweeted him to say thanks. He tweeted me to say I was welcome. The internet is a great and wonderous place.

I’m feeling better about life after a month of a LOT of stress.

Oh, by the way, the White Patchwork Beast is FINISHED. Photos pending. Julie gets a break, and then it’s Black Patchwork Beast. And frozen yogurt. And poi lessons. And frozen yogurt.

Now, it’s time to wash the foam out of my hair. Hurrah!


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  1. haha i got shocked for a second, i thought your article was really fun and i tried “dying” my hair once, and it turned into this horrible colour.

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