I Believe in Sherlock

I also believe the BBC is cruel for making me wait 18 months between seasons. Technically, I still have two more episodes of season 2 to watch, but it’s not going to be pleasant once I’m done. What will be pleasant is the completion of my patchwork monstrosity.

You don’t want to know how many squares there are/were. The great news is I now have a completed skirt. Left to do are the bodice (with will be strips of fabric, not patchwork), the bustle, and the jacket. Then the white dress needs only the boots and some sort of head decoration. I have yet to purchase the fabric for the black suit.

Pros and Cons of Costuming:

I get to design ridiculous and amazing things.
I have someone willing to help me make these things reality.
I get to watch a stupid amount of movies/shows/Sherlock.
I’m usually fed a lovely vegetarian meal.
Spending time with friend, IE, “social” life.

Pricking my fingers many times on pins.
Not being able to sew.
Spending an insane amount of money on fabric.
Spending an insane amount of time pinning fabric.
Realizing I’m absolutely insane for designing ridiculous and amazing things.

It will be a gorgeous dress. I will never eat, nor will I drink anything while wearing this dress. The black suit will be equally amazing.

Now that I’m re-employed, I can once more enjoy the pain of purchasing large amounts of fabric and costume things. I’m going to need another closet.

I’m also going to need a bookshelf and a big girl desk. I find I have a limited amount of space for all the spreading out I apparently like to do. I need a bookshelf because, honestly, I am running out of room. Yes, I could purge some of the books I haven’t read in ages, but what if I want to reread them? I’m a bibliophile. I can’t just NOT have books. Obvious solution: more adequate book storage.

On a sidebar, I wish my local indie book shop had a better selection of classics. Not a single volume of Lovecraft was to be found. I did find one at Barnes & Noble for $7, which I can live with as it’s almost all of his works and wasn’t one of the leather-bound, too precious to read anthologies.

Neat, huh?

At the moment, I’m delighting in my new laptop battery (which means I can blog from the comfort of my bed!), listening to my delightful An Evening with Neil and Amanda cd, and hashing out a project that I think is going to be pretty brilliant. Scrivener is my new best friend.


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