21st Century Vampirism and How to Fake Steampunk

Yesterday, I geared up for S.T.E.A.MFest 2012. No pun intended.

This was my first time volunteering at a convention, as well as my first Steampunk event. It was more like an outdoor bazaar than a convention, with vendors lined up down the street and several events inside aptly named tents and buildings. My darling editor and friend Maegan was having her play put on by the actors (and it was lovely), there was a Steampunk Tempest also being shown, edibles, jewelry, face painting, corsetry, bustle-making tutorials, tiny hats, and concerts. I’m sad to say I missed the concerts.

Backing up, I sat in my room yesterday morning with the realization that I own nothing remotely steampunk. Not a scrap. I spent 20 minutes online with my friend Laura debating what to wear and if gold/bronze makeup would be a faux pas with a black and white outfit. Naturally, I defaulted to circus attire, with the addition of a feathered fascinator to my fedora.

There’s nothing better than people complimenting your outfit while you harbour the knowledge that you threw it on without having a clue what you were doing. Photos pending.

My job was directing traffic. It’s a good thing I brought my LED poi to swing around because there was very little else to do. After baking the in sun, I got to roam around and visit the vendors, where I bought two lovely bracelets from Wicked Wench, listened to Delilah’s first panel on publishing and the crazy stories involved with producing and selling a book, and watched a  Star Trek gentleman yell at people in the bathroom.

It was then I discovered irrefutable proof of my vampirism: I burned wearing SPF 100 sunblock.

My arms are pink; my back is lobster red. It also hurts and I doubt there’s enough aloe in the world. Solution: I will only ever leave my house at night.

I missed the concerts due to the burning of my skin. I did not return to S.T.E.A.MFest today because for the first time in ages, I slept until 11 a.m. It’s a bummer because I met some really cool people there and I would have loved to chat more. Maybe next year.

Now I’m on vacation until Thursday, I have Monday and Tuesday to do whatever, Wednesday I’m off to The Devil’s Carnival and Thursday I enter the working world in a real job. We’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I think I can go ahead an announce the beginning phase of my new project: Skeleton Key Press. One of my goals is to run my own magazine one day, so I decided to start off with a blog. There’s not much to see yet, but I hope you’ll keep an eye on it. I hope my first review will be for The Devil’s Carnival. I look forward to this new venture and hopefully it will be a success!

On an added note, Delilah posted a delightful photo of me by Vania of VLC Photography. I’m dying to see the rest!


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