Goodbye Retail, Hello Cubicle

Today is my last day working retail. Forever.

I hope.

It’s really strange. I’ve dreamt about leaving the grocery store…well, pretty much since the day I started. It was a stepping stone job: it paid my bills and offered flexibility when I was still in college. I worked with some pretty great people and never will my lunch break be more hilarious than when I had lunch with Beth.

It’s weird to think today is my last day. I’m happy to be leaving: no more screaming children, no more coupons, no more people in my line on their cell phone, no more green vest, no more senior discount day… but I will miss my co-workers. They’re all pretty great.

Come Thursday, I’ll be in a new office, maybe in a cubicle of my very own (in desperate need of some decoration), working a real job. I’ve no idea what to expect. It’s a graphic design gig, so I guess it’s safe to say I’ll be designing. I still have no idea what to wear (I went to my interview and everyone was kickin’ it in khakis and t-shirts). I guess I’ll kinda be a real person now. The 8-5 grind, weekends to recover and paint fantastic tea cups with Cat. I’m not delighted by the thought of working in a cubicle (no matter how fantastically decorated) but it’s another step toward being able to do what I want without starving to death and even potentially moving into my own apartment. With a space I can dedicate to indoor poi practice, belly dance, and juggling practice where I don’t risk breaking anything important.

Tomorrow, I head to S.T.E.A.Mfest for a night of volunteering and hopefully not looking like an idiot despite my lack of steampunk knowledge and/or clothing. I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be a great weekend. I took a mini vacation Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday I’m off to Atlanta for The Devil’s Carnival roadshow and a final hurrah before I start my new job. It’ll be an adventure.

Hopefully it’s a good one.


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One response to “Goodbye Retail, Hello Cubicle

  1. april

    You will be seriously missed!!!! I hope you enjoy your cubicle!! 🙂

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