Glitter and Kerosene

Sometimes life is just purely awesome. It was big event week, what with a job interview, and CD launch party AND a debut book launch party, glitter, fire, corsets, partially buttoned vests, and wonderful friends.

I’d attempted to get a real job Tuesday. I interviewed with a publishing company that was basically The Yellow Pages, and though I thought I’d done well, the lack of phone call on Friday leads me to believe I was not good enough. I don’t mind. There are better things. One of which I’ll mention in this post.

Wednesday, we completed one of the routines for recital. It’s cute. Two down, one to go.

Thursday, things took an up-swing. Charly invited a bunch of us to a CD launch party for a wicked jazz band called The Odd Trio. We provided outdoor entertainment in our capacity as fire spinners. Mark, Charly, and I took turns dancing and the crowd loved it. Never one to do anything by halves, my second burn was performed in front of a live studio audience. As long as I smiled and had fun, no one really cared that I was clearly the novice.

Charly has a wonderful way of interacting with the audience, and I aspire to be as personable and funny and at ease as she is. Eight more years of spinning, and I might just be as good.

Mark broke out his fire staff and sword, which is always wonderful to watch. The band thanked us afterward with CDs, and though I had to open at work the next morning, the entire night had been worth my sleeplessness.

Friday was the BIG event. Delilah was holding her book launch party at my ever-growing second home, FoxTale Book Shoppe, and I was delighted to be asked to play a part in it. I rushed home from work, did myself up, expertly applied eyeliner and glitter and headed out.

Now, I’ve been attempting to actually MEET Delilah for about a month. Every time I’d make it Woodstock, something would happen. If she didn’t show up at her own release party, I was sure the friendship was doomed.

But she was there in her lovely steampunk garb, totting cakes and wine and delicious treats. The ever wonderful Brooke of Villainess Soaps crafted scents to embody the three main characters of Delilah’s novel, Wicked as They Come. I haven’t read the book, but it smells deliriously delightful.

I milled around juggling a bit, but I really wanted sunset. Unbeknownst to the party guests, there was going to be fire. I had the great honor to unofficially conclude the night’s festivities with fire spinning. I think it was well received and I love being able to share something so important to me in a place I love.

In addition to meeting Delilah and Brooke, Vania Stoyanola was also in attendance. She’s super cool as well.

Of course, my return home was less triumphant, what with the sudden and unfortunate traffic jam and the need to remove my makeup. I really hate it, which may sound silly, but I love getting all dressed up with insane eye shadows and doodles. Taking it off is the saddest part, even though I know I’ll get to do it again.

In “real-world” news, tomorrow is my last day at the newspaper. I’m thrilled and a little nervous, as this means the job hunt begins again. I’ll give the lady at the publishing house until Monday. If I don’t hear anything, I’m taking a week’s vacation and really focusing on what I want.

I’m almost ready to reveal the BIG secret, but for now I’ll leave you with a little one. I’m writing again, and Vincent and Ellie will be back for one more adventure while I reshape my other projects. I’m looking forward to sharing their misadventures with all of you.


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  1. Still keeping my fingers crossed for the publishing job. Sounds like you’ve had a great week though! As you practice more, I think you’ll be great. People always love to watch someone who’s having fun, so I bet you already have that down. 😉

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