Small Successes

There was a spider on my windshield. Inside the car. I went to smush it and it was gone. I am twitchy as hell, despite being inside at the moment. I hate spiders.

That being said, today was pretty awesome. I picked up my bride’s maid dress and vowed never to return to a David’s Bridal for any reason–at least not the one in Duluth. I got all glittered up and held a mini contact juggling workshop for the FoxTales book club. This time I gave a little introduction, remembered to tell them my name, and gave a brief overview of how I got into vaudeville.

They juggled oranges. They were doing pretty well. I may be holding a summer workshop.

Then Maritza, book club leader/organizer/what have you took me out for drinks and dinner. Fish tacos aren’t as icky as they sound. In fact, they were fairly good.

It was such a lovely night, I broke out the LED poi and spun on the sidewalk. There may be a YouTube video of me somewhere, as I astounded a number of people, heard gratifying cheers of “Whoa, look at her! That’s so neat!” and even made a dollar! Next time, I bring a hat and busk for real. Poi is so much fun.

I even taught a couple of kids some moves.

Then the advent of the spider occurred on my way home and I swear, that thing better not be in my car tomorrow.

In other, less exciting news, I broke up with my journalist job. Well, clerk-turned-journalist on occasion job. It was sad and very difficult; I really did like it, but it was too far to drive for minimum wage. I was losing money working there, and that’s just not good.

I’m done at the end of the month. Then I’ll just have one job, a bit more free time for noveling writing and seeing my friends, and hopefully something else comes along.

I’m almost ready to unveil my secret new project, and I hope it’ll be as wonderful as I’m hoping. Now that I have time for scheming, I have to catch up on all I missed.


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