Better Things

I change careers more often than 18th century ladies changed their dresses.

Well, not a change of career so much as deciding to search for better fields. Though my current opportunity was great while it lasted, it’s just not write (haha, journalism). It’s a long commute for minimal compensation, not to mention I’m doing jobs that were not in my job description for a fraction of what I should be making.

So I’m letting go. It’s been a while in making. I’ve been stressed. I almost broke down at my other job on Friday due to exhaustion. Things had to change, and now they are. It’s a bit stressing in its own way; all jobs I’ve come across demand 3-5 years of prior experience, and here I’m backing out the door. I honestly couldn’t stand another month of my current position, but that’s another long, drawn out story. I’m glad for the opportunity. It was a fun ride. Time to replan my budget.

In the meantime, I’ve got other plans. I’m going to pick up that novel again and stop whining and just write. I need to tell this story so I can move on and tell the others. I’ve also go a super secret plan storming in my head.

I’ve also got an exciting series of performances this month! Well, two.

First, I’m returning to FoxTale Book Shoppe for my *actual* Night Circus performance/discussion, unlike last month’s… um… preview. I’ve also been preparing real talking points so I’m not just babbling on while juggling. Bonus: my poi arrived yesterday.

Pretty new fire heads, soon to be baptised, and in the lovely bag are my LED poi, for when fire is not the best option. It also came with a nifty DVD about fire spinning that will frighten the pants off you with horror stories on fire dancing gone wrong. Don’t mess with fire, kids.

I also bought a fire blanket. I may be a circus girl, but I’m cautious.

The LED poi rainbow through several colors. I think they were blue and yellow in this shot, but my phone may have disagreed with the color scheme.

My second super exciting performance is also at FoxTale at the end of the month. The lovely Delilah Dawson is holding a book launch party and what proper girl can resist not only a circus, but a dark glittery vampire circus? And throwing together a costume– fun all around.

I’ve got bigger and better plans for April, namely involving The Artifice Club, of which I am now member. I have a pin and everything.

I am currently lamenting having finished Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate series. This is one series I wish WOULD have 17 books in which I could continually indulge, but my distress is mitigated by her new series and the promise of the continued adventures of Prudence. All I really want in my life is more Biffy. He’s simply awesome.

Now I’m off to contemplate what to read next. I’ll probably finish The Crimson Petal and White, seeing as I abandoned Victorian whores in favor of mummies, werewolves, vampires, and bumblebee interpretive dances.


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