Last night, I officially obtained my license to spin fire.

And it was AMAZING.

There is nothing in the world I can compare to the rush of fire poi. The sound alone is aboslutely amazing. It’s this powerfully intense “whoosh” and it’s just not something I can put into words. And the smell; it’s like a campfire with a little extra fuel.

I can say that fire is fairly heavy. It’s a much different feeling from socks and tennis balls. The vinyl loop isn’t very comfy either, but I’ve willingly sacrificed the small patch of skin on my finger for the sake of being awesome. I’ll get used to it.

Silly me, I neglected to bring my camera, so there is no evidence of burning. It may be for the best, as I had on a white knit hat to keep me from lighting my hair. It looked like a swim cap. Though it did come in handy; I seasoned it nicely with smudges as I hit myself. I also managed to fuel-transfer my pants (meaning I had fuel on my pants and the poi hit me, lighting the pants), but it went out and I was fine. No burns, lots of soot.

I even spun off my fuel while lit, making those neat (well, mine weren’t so neat) lines of fire on the ground. I was brave enough to weave, and I did some pretty awesome tricks for my first time spinning flame.

I stopped traffic. Well, one car. But they pulled over, put their hazard lights on and watched me. I hope they got a decent show, and I guess they did because they shouted, “You’re so cool!” before driving on. I flailed around, feeling accomplished.

Charly spun for me; she makes everything appear effortless, and one day, so will I. I wear my brands and soot stains with pride.


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