My (Not-So) Strange Addiction

Notebooks. Journals. Whatever. I have a powerful need to own them all. I currently own 18 of them. Of the 18, seven have been written in. Why do I have this compulsive need for bound paper? Because I think I’ll use it. It doesn’t help when they are on clearance.

Today, I went to Target in search of a notebook. Why didn’t I choose one I owned? Well, I didn’t think about it, really. And most of them are too big. I wanted a slim notebook to keep in my bag/on my person for food journaling purposes. I’ve been lazy lately (though I did run off 500 calories today!) and I didn’t want to walk into the Weight Watchers group and make it weird.

Target has a lovely clearance section. As I had to go to work, I allowed myself 15 minutes to choose and checkout. By “allowed” I mean I purposely showed up in a time crunch to kick my ass into making a choice. I made three. Those lovely tree printed notebooks, the three in the white patterned box, and a slim blue volume that managed to miss the photo.

I am currently using the slim blue volume that managed to miss the photo.

I have a red one for monthly budgets, a gold printed one for world domination secrets (not kidding), a blue patterned one for notes on short stories, a Moleskine for notes on novels, a Wicked book I wrote “DeadBeat” in, a brownish one I took to England…is that seven? Yes.

At least I know what they’re used for.

I’m particularly fond of the birdcages one. Those cages are sewn into the cover and it’s just so pretty. Will I ever use it? Maybe. Probably not.

Oh! Make that 19! I have a diary hidden in my room which I never write in anymore because now I’m a blogger.

…I may have a problem.


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