Small Successes

I am not at the circus.

I got stuck in very much less-than-wonderful traffic. I am greatly disappointed because I will be unable to attend the other performances. I hope someone records it and posts it on the Ever Immortal YouTube.

I also arrived for the “Night Circus” book club a month early, but I still performed and spoke about contact juggling. Let’s call it a preview for next month, when the book being discussed really WILL be “The Night Circus.”

In nail polish experiments, I sort of managed to pull off half moon nails:

I’ll need a striper for more accurate painting, but improvising with page reinforcers worked well enough. I also got to run around in glittery eyeshadow and fairy makeup. Plans for coffee fell through, but I managed to order my bride’s maid dress (it has pockets) after searching around Duluth for 30 minutes. Today was a bit of stale mate. It was nicer than Tuesday’s tailing breaking incident (thank you, pylon) and Wednesday’s missed concert thanks to replaying said tail light and suffering from a massive headache. Last night, I watched the concert I missed streamed live from North Carolina. Today, I enjoyed NOT going to work, a nice lunch out with my grandmother, a mini performance, discussing a book I’ve never read, and plotting costume designs while sitting in my car, rocking out to Florence + the Machine.

Next week, The Costuming begins. Yes, with capitals. It’s serious business. But I’m not telling you what I’ve got planned.

I will tell you that I’m going to start writing again. I hashed out the messier details of my story and decided I’m not going to fight it anymore. I’m simply going to tell it the best way I can. For now, I have no deadlines and I can take my precious time with it, in between juggling four other balls and balancing on a teeter-totter. I guess I can say it’s safe to expect literary news under the “Words on Paper” header. It may keep things neater, separating the literary stuff from the daily circus.

Now I’m going to drown my circus sorrow in Milk Duds and ginger ale and maybe get some writing done while the house is relatively quiet.

x. M


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