The Night Circus

The phrase “best day ever” doesn’t being to compare to my night.

I took an adventure down to Woodstock’s FoxTale Books to meet Erin Morgenstern, author of the sensory wonder known as “The Night Circus.” To non-bibliophiles, it’s a book. Go read it.

In true reveur fashion, I donned my striped bolero, curled my hair, accessorized with black and white feathered fascinator, and made myself up into a picturesque circus girl. Hoping to see my friends Cat and Michael, I brought along my bag of tricks, containing my sock poi and my juggling ball. Book in hand, I was waiting for the event to begin when I two ladies, Natalie and Emily, complimented me on my outfit. I said thank you and we spoke briefly about it and I mentioned my pseudo-occupation as a performer.

Turns out, Natalie is the owner’s daughter-in-law.

And she told the owners about me.

And they said I could perform.

After Erin spoke about her book, the potential for a potential film and other things, we filed out to form a proper line for signing (we were bordering on mob at that point). I did a few tricks outside, went inside, had a lovely portrait done by a fantastic local artist, had my cards read, and then it was showtime.

I ditched my bag and book behind the counter and started spinning. It was odd without music, but the crowd seemed pleased. I went through my arsenal of tricks before taking up my juggling ball. Several people were interested in how I learned and how long I’d been doing this tricks. I smiled and offered to teach a few people; they accepted.

Eventually the line for signing dwindled down and just a few people were left in the store. I wanted my book signed, but I was so engross in circus-conversations and demonstrations it was difficult to remember I was in a line at all.

Then I met Erin, who is ridiculously sweet. I offered to take her for tea, but she sadly had to leave and prepare for her flight home. She signed my book, we spoke a bit, and then I went back to performing for the ladies who’d missed the earlier performances, the artist, and the card reader.

Two amazing things happened:

ONE: I was asked to perform for photographs. Behind Erin. Super cool. I’ve now mastered The Circle in contact juggling.

TWO: FoxTale Books asked me back. To perform.

In the words of Elphaba, “I’m so happy I could melt!”

It’s the lament of all performers that we can’t perform for a living. A few get really lucky and make it; but having the opportunity alone is a wonderful achievement. I’m so delighted they asked me back, and I look forward returning with better tricks and honed skills. I’ll take the look of amazement and wonderful from the audience any day.

It’s not every day I get to parade around in vaudeville glamor and stripes.


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  1. Yay! Congratulations! You looked fabulous!

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