This blog has undergone several reinventions since I started it in 2009. It began as an exercise in maintaining something, giving me a space to rant, rave, and release some of my creative energy. In 2010, it became a journal documenting my attempts at breaking to the self-publishing world and the various trials of doing everything the hard way, i.e., by myself. Then December 2011 hit me like a sack of bricks. I didn’t want to write. I didn’t want to put anything out there, even though I had plenty of material at my fingertips. I announced that I was taking a break.

And we all see how well that turned out.

I didn’t need a break from writing; I needed a break from the literary machine I had started to become. I felt like I was stuffing myself into a box. Writing was no longer fun. While it’s always been something I’ve felt compelled to do, I’ve rarely reached the point where passion became chore. So I stopped. I put the big project on hold, completed a smaller project I enjoyed, and really thought about what I wanted to be. Who I wanted to be.

I’m a writer, but that’s only part of my act. I’m a one-girl vaudeville production: illusionist, magician, contact juggler, fire spinner, story spinner, high-flying aerial defiance and ringmaster wonder. I don’t fit into the box because I can’t. I’m a closeted circus girl trying to do her best to balance her Aquarian nature with the constraints of society. While I’d give everything to make it as a performer, it’s largely improbable. It is the lament of all performers, after all.

So with 2012 in swing, my 23rd birthday approaching, and a series of new adventures on the horizion, I present to you the newest (and best, if I may say so) incarnation of my blog: One-Girl Vaudeville. I’ll still talk about writing, but I’m getting back into reflecting ALL of me, not just a slim portion of what I’m made from. I feel revitalized, invigorated, and I hope this change is as wonderful for you, my readers, as it is for me.

Welcome to the show.


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