Black Holes and Revelations

I’m not one for making resolutions simply based on it being a new year. My only goal is to remember to write 2012 instead of 2011. Ok, it’s not my only goal, but I don’t do resolutions, simply because they have a high mortality rate. By the end of January, most people have already forgotten, given up, or haven’t started.

I met my one semi-new year’s related goal: I finished Deadbeat. Which you can read in it’s entirety over on Figment. You’re welcome.

Deadbeat is the first semi-serious (and by serious, I mean a real, legitimate) short story I’ve completed. I haven’t edited it yet, I haven’t even mentioned to my darling volunteer editor that I’ve completed (or have) said short story. Over all, it ended up at 30 pages, and a little over 10,500 words, give or take corrections from Figment. I’m proud I’ve completed the project, but with the conclusion of Deadbeat came some pretty serious revelations.

For the moment, I’m hanging up my pen. I’m burning out quick, and there’s a lot of stress between working two jobs, writing articles, balancing my bills, living on a budget, and still pursuing the things I want. I’m not giving up writing. Hell, I want to be a journalist. Writing is what I do. But the grand push for novels and authordom is over. I tried, and I wore myself down. I’m an avid scribbler, but there are more important things to focus on. And won’t it be a nice surprise when something new pops up on Figment, or here on the blog?

That being said, it’s a sad conclusion, but one I’m ready for. I’m juggling so many things at the moment, some more literally than others, and I need a break. As you can see, I didn’t exactly keep my promise to blog more.

Good news is, 2012 seems to be off at a decent pace. I’ve added contact juggling and fire spinning to my list of activities, and I can honestly say I’m never as happy as I am when I’ve mastered a new skill. 3-beat poi spin in two weeks? Oh yeah, I did it. Hip reels are a beast though.

Along with new activities come new friends, and though I’m never too sure where life is going, I’m enjoying the ride with my crazy, wonderful comrades. So instead of blogs on writing, prepare for blogs on honing my performance art skills. More belly dancing, fire spinning, and juggling than you can shake a stick at. Though why you’d want to shake a stick at anything is beyond me.

Here’s to you, diligent reader, and another year in which we continuously curse ourselves for forgetting to change the date.


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