So Tell Me Whatcha Want, Whatcha Really Really Want: To eBook or Not to eBook

I had a much catchier title, but being me, I’ve forgotten it. Ah, the early morning hours. I am not at my best.

This was definitely a blog for last night. As the pending and deadly student loans rear their heads, I’ve been think a lot about this lofty, authorial goal of mine. It’s hard enough working two jobs while trying to have some shadow of a social life and dealing with the ridiculousness life throws at you.

I pushed myself last month to release a series of character sketches and fact sheets leading up to the big reveal, which incidentally I neglected to blog about. I drew, Photoshopped, and completed 3 out of 4 sketches and released the book. That’s pretty good, given that my job deadlines and odd work schedule didn’t leave me much time. And I admit to being a procrastinator. DEADBEAT is currently up on and updates sporadically.

The more serious I get about attempting authordom on the self-publishing level, the more nervous I get. Think giant bats having a brawl in your stomach. I’m basically a one-woman show, with massive amount of tech held from Adam, the Bishop of Badassery. Yes, he gets a title.

Here’s the deal: aside from editing, which my wonderful and gorgeous friend Meagan is doing for the low price of love, admiration, and the promise of future baked goods, I’m running the show. I’m the writer, the copyeditor, the layout chick, the narrator, the promoter, the webmaster, and the PR chick. Most people have teams, or at least an agent, but I’m rogue. A lone literary wolf, if you will.

And it’s the fucking hardest thing I’ve done in my life. It’s disparaging. There are only so many ways I can promote outside my group of friends. I don’t have the privilege of being able to sit down and write all day, and yes, it IS a privilege. Though I aspire to have The Girl in Question finished by February, it’s probably not going to happen.

So what else can I do? I’ve been looking into audiobooks and ebooks, which brings up the current issue: I love books and eBooks and audiobooks are taking away from tradition.

I LOVE books. Remind me to post pictures of my closet one day. I love the smell of books, the feel of the pages, the lovely sound they make, filling them with sticky notes about discoveries… I am a bookaholic. A bibliophile.

But I admit, I own a few audiobooks. Audiobooks have been around for a long time, primarily geared for people could lacked the ability to read. I think they’re nice for going on a run, a trip (especially now with the cost of luggage), or on your way to work.

eBooks are different. Barnes & Noble’s PubIt and Amazon’s DIY systems take a lot of money for hosting your eBooks. I don’t want to limit myself to JUST Kindle or JUST Nook. It isn’t fair, not to me, not to my readers. I’ve been looking a for possible hosting.

I want both. I want to be as available as possible. Trouble is, there’s no hosting site for audioBOOKS that I’ve found. I want something like Bandcamp: simple, direct to artist, and reliable.

So, with Adam’s help, I’m doing it myself. But I also need YOUR help. I need your feedback, otherwise this just won’t work.

I can’t afford real, solid publishing right now, but would you settle for audio versions, ME reading to YOU, until you can get your hands on the real deal, or the eBook? Are you even interested in audiobooks? What YOU want affects what I do, and when I do it. Or if I do it.


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