The Honda Civic Tour; Or, How Deeply MCR Hates TV Spots

I sadly neglected to recount my latest concert adventures. Last week I hit the Honda Civic Tour. Blink 182 was the headlining band (I didn’t think they were still together), and they were joined by Matt and Kim and the darling boys of My Chemical Romance.

Julie and I headed down to Atlanta, parked, I donned my massive pit boots (4-inch Demonia Shakers, built for added height and pit endurance), and we hit the area. We had a pretty average wait of 30 minutes before being let into the venue. Lucky enough to score pit tickets (and believe me, it was nearly impossible), we grabbed our special day-glow green wristbands, scored two free DVDs thanks to Blockbuster (we both chose Thor; I’d never heard of the other options), grabbed some merch (my infallible love for posters gets me every time), and hit the pit.

On our way in, there was a stick thin girl saying something about “once they get seated in the pit.” We’d seen her while standing in line and had a discussion on how people who don’t know what to expect in the pit get crushed. This was affirmed by someone replying, “Sweetie, the pit is standing room only.” The look on her face: priceless.

Anyway, as you can (maybe) tell from the above photo, we were one girl and a banana from the stage. Yes, banana. Apparently Blink 182 has some strange fruit fetish, and these two guys were in banana suits. The one banana (pictured) was quite respectful and pushed the banana top down so as not to block people behind him. The other banana was not so nice.

While we waited for the opening act, the giant screen played advertisements for the Honda Civic (hence, Honda Civic Tour), displayed tweets with the #hondacivictour hashtag, and even scrolled messages along the bottom of the screen. Every so often Blink or MCR would appear to talk about the Honda, the tour, or the car and motorcycle designed by either band up for auction. The boys of Blink smiled and played along.

The boy of MCR, especially Mikey, who hid behind dark sunglasses, were as apathetic as possible. It was wonderful. G’s body language practically shouted, “This is a load of crap, and I’m hatin’ every minute.” Yay tour! Boo mindless promotions.

Then Matt and Kim hit the stage! They were, at best, adorable. I’m pretty sure they were drunk. They played an odd mix of techno with some killer drumming.

They had a lot of enthusiasm, though they might have been a bit nervous (and, of course, drunk). A fun opener, and though they started a balloon pit and Kim crowd-walked and danced on people’s palms, I don’t think I’ll be invested in their CD. Fun to dance to, fun to work out to, but not wonderful.

They were, however, very happy to be playing and expressing themselves, and I’m glad they had such a good time, even being the warm up band.

And then, MCR took the stage. Like the show back in May, they rocked the stage. The pit wasn’t nearly as intense as it was at the Tabernacle (bigger space and a limited amount of people allowed in certainly helped). We jumped, we danced, and we felt the Killjoy spirit. I got some amazing shots, much better than the last concerts.

I was a bit disappointed that they played second. Even though it was Blink’s tour, and I’m obviously biased, I had hoped they’d be the last to play. Oh well. It was a great set (maybe an hour and fifteen or so), and they played a nice mix of Danger Days, Black Parade, Revenge, and, surprisingly, Bullets. They played Helena, which I love dearly.

I’m most proud of the wonderful photos of Gerard I got. That man runs around the stage like mad, making it very tough to get a good shot of him.

Unfortunately, one of the guards kept getting in my line of sight. Going through the photos, I was dismayed to see his face again and again, ruining my images. I was able to crop him out of most of the shots, but some of the best bits were cut along with him.

After MCR, Blink 182 came on. Here, I was less than enthused. I listened to Blink back in middle/high school, when Blink 182 and Sum 41 were The Number Bands. I never really paid them much attention. As a result, I wasn’t surprised I only knew 3 of the songs they played. Woops.

They actually put on a  decent show. Though they’re a totally boy’s club (insert random penis jokes), the one guy, Mark, was actually pretty funny. He kept wondering over to my side of the stage to pose and smile while playing, asked us how his hair looked, etc.

They played for about an hour and half, and, SURPRISE! played a song twice because they decided to record a music video at the show. Don’t be jealous other tour dates. I’m sure you’ll be ok. I’ll be interested to see if I made the cut. It would be hilarious as the only apathetic mosh pit member, surrounded by bananas and a tiny girl who kept jumping on me.

At the end, or what I thought was the end, the drummer loaded up on this crane and played above the pit, which was pretty awesome. Of course, this followed all those stories I’d read about various pit deaths due to unsecured equipment crushing people below, so there was a moment of panic as I watched this metal crane swing a drummer and set over the pit, raise and lower, turn, and eventually come back in for landing. I admit there was a sigh of relief.

This amazing aerial feat was then followed by more encore. There were confetti cannons involved. Most of the confetti landed in my shirt. All in all, it was pretty great show. I’m glad we stayed for all the sets (even though seeing MCR was the intention).

We hit the Waffle House afterward, thirsty and starving. I enjoyed a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with extra pickles on the side, and thumbed through my photos. We headed home after that. I dropped Julie at her car, arrived at my house, and immediately went to bed. After all the screaming and cheering, I was luck to have a voice to use during my interview the next day. I must not have looked as disheveled as I felt because five hours later, I was offered the job.

Best day ever? Yeah. I almost got the setlist too, but the guard (the one NOT always in my pictures) was giving it to his son. I understand. But I was still so close.

To conclude, I leave you with the most hilarious image I captured that night. I’m not sure how it was physically possible, or if Frank IS his own high-powered wind machine, but I can’t help but laugh every time I look at this picture.

Well, on the bright side, it’s a really good photograph. Frankie just… didn’t pull the right face.

As always, all images are MINE. Note the nice little watermark. These are not to be copied, manipulated, redistributed, or anything else you could think of doing without my permission. Don’t make me get the flying monkeys. It won’t end well for you or your car.


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