Adventures in Dressing Like a Journalist

For most of my working life, I’ve been given a uniform. In the seven years of working experience, six of them required said uniform. As a result, I’m never really sure how to wear clothes. It seems odd, unless you’ve spent a great deal of time in a uniform. Through high school, and even college (though I started developing a fashion sense–finally), I was never really “in” to clothes. Like any real woman, I have curves, making it difficult to find youthful pieces in department stores. I was too curvy for Juniors (and too old) but not old enough for the Women’s sections.

Last week, I was offically hired by my local newspaper. It’s a part-time gig, which means I’m unfortunately still part-time in uniform, but the job requires actual clothes. Slacks. Trousers. Blouses. I own one pair of black slacks. I own a few cute tops. And by “a few,” I mean two, and one of them is too dressy for work. So you see my natural trepidation when Wednesday rolled around, and I was to set out on a mission of obtaining clothes.

Which actually ended most successfully. I never have luck with shopping, so when things go right, I’m endlessly delighted. The first shop we went to, Kohls, where I never find anything, turned out to be the mecca of my mission. There was some error in the trying on of clothes. As usual, some things just did NOT work. Like the pale blue pebble-printed top. I felt like a dinosaur.

Not pictured: the same teal top in black, burnt orange crop sweater, white and gray tank

My goal was to find youthful pieces that, while professional, also had a bit of rock-and-roll flare. I’m in my early twenties, not my late fifties. I might be writing about dead people (as my technical position is Obituary Clerk), but I don’t want to look like a corpse.

I found six nice pieces, all of which can be mixed and matched, and the best jacket ever.


It’s a caramel colored military style jacket that cuts in perfectly and is one of the best jackets I own. Sure, I went over my budget, but I also had mostly sale items and 30% off, which save me almost $300 (my budget was $100, and my total ended up around $175). We hit the local outdoor mall, where I attempted to find more pants.

Not so successful. I did, however, buy a new pair of jeans, which I needed desperately. The shopping ended after that, mainly because I had a hair appoint at 2 and my mother had to take my sister to the doctor at 1.

So, armed with my new wardrobe, I headed to The Salon, where I proceeded to take my mid-upper-arm length hair and chop it to collarbone level. I also had it highlighted, so I was briefly blonde, before smothering it all over with the most wonderful bloody burgandy dye you can mix. Cutting in layers and little razoring later, I have bombshell hair. Pictures pending.

But the adventures are not over! Even though I shocked and awe my cousin at dinner last night with my new sense of style and dramatic hair, the adventure must continue– for I need pants. Stay tuned for part two! Also, totally neglected to blog about last week’s MCR concert. Prepare for some badass photos.


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